Too much for one

I am on holidays from work as of Friday last and now I realise that I probably should have been slightly less lazy and posted yesterday before I went out today to the Royal show.

Friday was a pretty awesome day.  I did have to work but it was also my 22nd wedding anniversary.

Happily the day was pretty cruisey, apart from the usual chaotic patches and I walked out of the office for the last time for two weeks on time and with a smile.

I will confess, I had hoped that hubby might send me flowers at work for our anniversary.

Yes, old-fashioned, yes, some ego involved but a girl does like a physical fabulous expression of love delivered in front of the other women she works with.

(It’s a girl thing I will say)

But, no flower delivery man and I was a little bit pouty.

Then I walked into the house and saw this.
2014-09-05 18.51.57
Yes, even a glass of wine already poured.

Fabulous, aren’t they.

Hubby well and truly forgiven.

I cooked dinner, some very nice steak, and then later in the evening, we stopped at a local dessert bar for a chocolatey indulgence.

Saturday was of course art class.

and progress has been made.

2014-09-02 08.38.31
2014-09-06 09.49.42
2014-09-06 10.41.20
2014-09-06 11.08.39
2014-09-06 12.06.27

Still not finished but with a trip away planned on Thursday there will be no class this coming weekend so the painting will have to wait.

As will the photos and post about today’s trip to the Show…

It was fun though, things got a little silly in the poultry shed…

Enough said for now.  I have fairy floss that is calling to be nibbled on.




This is going to be one of “those” posts.

And it is all about “Pizza”

You see some people I know on Facebook, want to get a “pizza”

And so they have been asking all the people they know to throw in to buy this “pizza”

Now that’s cool with me.  I know they love their “pizza” and plenty of other people do too.

It appears to be great “pizza”. 

If you are hungry for “pizza” that is.

But, they tell me, their “pizza” is different.  It will change the world. 

As soon as enough people help pay for it.

As for me, in this case, “pizza” doesn’t excite me.

To be honest, I am really trying to save my money for “hot dogs and cheeseburgers”.  So I have my own goals and saving is tough. There are bills to pay and teenager to feed.

But the people who want “pizza” are very vocal.  And pushy.  And starting to get bloody annoying.

There are videos, explaining how wonderful the “pizza” will be.

Emails, and photos.  “Pizza” with the lot and  sprinkle of guilt as well.

I used to be a big fan of “pizza”

Funny thing though, too much and you get a bit sick of even the most spectacular treat.

So I wish them well with getting their “pizza”. 

As for me, I think this pretty much says it all.



I wrote it and lost it

And can’t be buggered rewriting my carefully worded rant so here is this weeks art.

A new still life, and under the guidance of my lovely teacher I have started it a little differently by painting in the “darks” first.
2014-08-30 11.03.23

2014-08-30 11.24.02

2014-08-30 11.47.33

2014-08-30 12.09.49


We are only at the beginning of a long journey with this one I think.

As for my rant.  It had a whole lot to do with the easiest way to piss me off on Facebook and I need to just let that go.

I think the universe is telling me to anyway.

First day of Spring tomorrow and only one more week until I get a couple of weeks off work.

That is all from me for now.

Until next time, be happy.



Yes! Finally someone writes about Himalayan lilac.

And that my friends was the spam of the week attached to my last post.

Enough about that though, I got the feeling from Jenny that you are impatiently waiting for me to put you all out of your misery and explain those funny little Aussie words that I hit you with last week.

I confess, a couple of them were a little obscure, for even some of us Aussies.

I got a “seriously where the hell does k’noath come from?” from my best mate but that is all part of the fun.

The whole idea was triggered by an email from my darl’n Rabbit, the article I will link at the bottom of this.

So what do they all mean?  And I will put them in context to make it all a bit easier.

1. Aggro

A lot of you came pretty close.  Aggro – short for aggressive.

“Don’t get all aggro on me”  “Geeze, he was pretty aggro”

2. Bludger

Someone who is lazy, perhaps on welfare and can’t be bothered finding a job.  Also will possibly look for handouts from mates.

“He’s a bludger, sits around all day doing nothing”

3. Bogan

Well known for the flannel shirts and loud cars.  Bogans tend to gather in certain suburbs.  Probably don’t have the best reputation.

“That shopping centre attracts the bogans”  “Plenty of bogans at the footy last weekend”

4. Carked it.


“Uncle Stan carked it last week, funeral is Friday”  “What happened to the dog?  Oh Mate, he got hit by a car and carked it”

5. Dag

From the dirty wool that hangs around a sheep’s bum, a dag is usually someone poorly dressed.

“Geeze, what a dag, going out in trackies and uggs to the mall”

6. Derro

Short for derelict.

“Did you see the old derro on the corner, sleeping on the bench?”  “That house is pretty derro, gonna need some work to fix up”

7. Firies


“Damn, those Firies are hot, better get another calendar this year”

8. K’nouth

This is the one that Ty gave me shit for.

Contraction of “Fucking oath” An affirmative expression”

“She’s hot” “K’nouth”

9. Pash


She as hoping for a pash.

Another similar term is “snog”  When asked the difference, I would say intensity.

You could pash a guy which could turn into a snog in the back seat of his car….

10.  Woop Woop

Some place far away.

“He lives in bloody woop woop”


There you go.  And now if I ever have chance to write something like this, you will understand every word. (and probably lynch me)

I was out woop woop last week, you know, where all the bludgers hang out while waiting for their dole, and there was this  daggy bogan who got really aggro with this derro.

Well before you knew it, the bloody derro carked it, so they called the firies.  There was this one firie who was so hot, I just wanted to pash him and maybe root him, so I asked him if he had a franger . “K’nouth”

Here is the link to the article


Ok, change of subject quickly.

Prep drawings for my next painting.

2014-08-23 11.47.08

And this lovely place is the town where I have my art classes.

2014-08-23 09.11.16

You can see that the weather is finally becoming more blue skies.

Art festival thing this afternoon so I am out with Miss S which will be lovely fun as I hope to catch up with some of my other arty friends maybe.

Think though it might be time for a coffee.


Keep smiling,

it makes people wonder what you have been up to  :)


Ps I may be back on twitter now…




Raindrops are falling on my head..or in my closet

It was a little odd.  Finding the wallet on the floor of my walk in robe covered in nasty mold.

Not so much the fact that it was on the floor, that happens, but the mold?

It was an old wallet, so I tossed it in the bin and later mentioned it to hubby.

He had recently mended a small hole in the ceiling, something we had noticed but thought the damage might have been done with a knock one time perhaps when putting a case on an upper shelf.

Looking at his patch work though, the fresh plaster looked bubbled and so our thoughts went to water and perhaps a leak in the roof.

We have a tin roof, and thought perhaps one of the roofing screws had come loose.

So like a good hubby, he got the ladder out and went up into the roof space.

What he saw though surprised us both.

A large crack and dent in the roof, obviously from an impact of what was probably a large piece of airborne rock created when there was blasting a few months ago while the new road was being constructed.

We had found rocks in the pool, on the pavement and had noticed a small piece on the roof but this particular bit of damage had been missed until the winter rains had flowed into our roof space.

So tomorrow, hubby will be ringing the road people and organising them to get the damage fixed.  Frustrating.

It had been a fairly uneventful weekend up to that point.

Art class had seen me finish finally the cityscape.

I knew I was nearly done, I just was stuck as to what it needed to get the balance right.

2014-08-17 15.04.26


Happily my lovely teacher and classmates gave me some suggestions – darken the clouds, brighten the centre buildings and it was ready to be signed.

Then I pulled out the man on the bench painting.  I was properly stuck on that one and again with my teacher’s guidance I got it sorted.

I softened the horizon line which created distance.  Lightened the water in places and adjusted the wave line.  The boats got a slight change of colour but without changing the size or tone.


And then I signed it.

Next week I hope to start something new in class.  I haven’t done any further painting this weekend.  Not sure if it is the fact that Spring is on its way, but I have been sorting and throwing out and re-organising my studio.

I am a bit of a magpie so I need to every so often have a good chuck out to clear the decks ready for my next project.

Now I have a challenge for you my lovely reader’s.  Especially those of you non Aussies.

Without Googling or even thinking terribly hard about it (first thing that comes into your mind even) I would love to know what you think the meanings of the following Aussie slang words are.

1 Aggro

2. Bludger

3. Bogan

4. Carked it

5. Dag

6. Derro

7. Firies

8. K’noath

9. Pash

10. Woop woop

I know I have used some of them in posts so lets just see if you guys know what they mean.

Remember, no cheating by looking it up.

Let’s have some fun and I will post the definitions/meanings next time.

Time to bung the roast on. Lovely leg o’ lamb for dinner with roast veg.

Until next time

Ooroo  :)

“F is for fondue, friends, and fun”

More than a week has disappeared since I was last here and my only excuse I guess is that I haven’t been well.

Once my mind was constantly buzzing with ideas of what to write here but lately my mind has been tired.

Recently my work hours have made it more challenging to find the time to sit quietly and let the words flow.

Further to work, longer at work and I am one tired little chick when I get home in the evenings.

Probably the reason my system crashed once again with a sinus infection which put me in bed for three days.

But I am better, mostly now, back at work and with a change in roster, I have a little more time in the morning to get a few things done.

Like this.

So what else has been happening?

Art class on Saturday followed by time with a girlfriend having lunch and a look through cafes and shops at art displayed as part of the SALA festival.

She had four paintings included and managed to sell two.  I had none by choice after deciding to break ties with my previous art school.

It was exciting and fun and was so much fun to have a proper catchup.

Before I forget, this is what happened at class.

Interesting project in colour mixing and tones.

Two complimentary colours, plus white was the task.

So Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Orange.

Who would have thought that just those three tubes of paint could create such a variation of colours?

2014-08-09 11.55.36

So if Saturday was art filled,Sunday was all about friends, food and fun.

I think I might have mentioned back a bit about a competition I won, the prize being a Fondue party for four.

Well Sunday was the day, and with good friends we traveled to Hahndorf, arriving just before 1pm.

Our table was in the “cheese cellar”, down a set of narrow winding stairs and delightfully decorated in all things cheesy and cow themed.

Included was a cheese fondue for four, with little pickles, warm bread and spicy sausage, and a bottle of sparkling Merlot.

2014-08-10 12.40.27

2014-08-10 12.50.55

Sadly the boys are not really drinkers,leaving us girls to knock off the bottle between as we dipped and twirled the bits of yummy into molten cheese.

The treat wasn’t over when the fondue pot was empty, coffee and cake was next and being too lazy to choose our own cake, the lovely waiter just picked four treats from the cake cabinet and cut them into four pieces each so we all go to taste the selection.

2014-08-10 14.00.47

After this wonderful indulgence, it was almost a struggle to head back up those stairs, and back out into the cool but sunny Winter day.

Hahndorf is a historic tourist town in the Adelaide hills.  It has a strong German heritage and is probably the place to go if you are looking for a sauerkraut fix as several of the pubs and cafes include traditional German meals on their menu.

However after all our cheese and cake, the only think we wanted to do was enjoy a walk and a poke through the shops.

Oh and maybe spend a little money too….

Well, my girlfriend is a bit of a bad influence..and I did my best to be good but there was this candle… oh and a bag which I reluctantly walked away from only to have Hubby buy it for me.

2014-08-11 15.22.52

So spoiled, I am.

I took this pic on our walk simply because the camellias were so beautiful.

2014-08-10 15.51.02

 Thinking my new phone takes some very nice photos.

Not a whole lot more left to say today.  It is almost time to get ready for work.  Only a few more weeks before I get some vacation time with a few days away in Perth with a good friend.

This year is disappearing, it is almost time to renew my domain name here as I was reminded a few days ago too.

Enough ramble.

Keep smiling, and look after your mates.



pears, sailboats and planning

We had a lovely sunny day today and with almond blossom colouring local trees the most delightful soft pink, you could almost convince yourself that Winter was gone and Spring had arrived.

Until you walked outside that is and felt the hit of chilled air.

Yep, still ugg boot and warm blankie weather.

Oh well, at least I got some painting done this weekend.

Saturday morning art class had me finishing my quartet of pears.

The grey one was glazed with colour and I think of it as my “midnight pear”

Actually, they all make me think of different times of the day.

The morning pear
2014-08-03 17.02.49

Mid Afternoon pear
2014-08-03 17.03.12

Evening pear
2014-08-03 17.03.02

and my Midnight pear.
2014-08-03 17.02.35

The next project will be painting onions.  The challenge to only use two complimentary colours such as blue and orange or purple and yellow.

Prelim sketch with the different tones.
2014-08-02 11.56.35

So that was yesterday’s effort.

Today hubby and I spent some time at a travel expo as I work hard to convince him to get excited about my plans for us to holiday in the USA next year.  Put in my holiday date requests this week for next year and if it is approved we will be one step closer to booking for October or November 2015.

With probably no more than three weeks max, and no desire to spend more time than we have to in airports, we certainly wont be seeing as much as would be possible if we won lotto, but as I think I said previously, Texas, Vegas and New York are high on the list of wants.

I am much of the mind to spend more days at less places so as to really enjoy what we do get to see.

But we have time to plan it properly, and who knows, perhaps we might even sneak in a touch of Canada or Hawaii.

After getting home from the expo, I thought I might try to get back into the painting zone and work on my little seascape.

There are now little boats on the water…

2014-08-03 16.22.32

The jury is out though on how I feel about them…

What do you guys think?  The painting isn’t finished yet, so feel free to give me your opinion.

Last on my list to show you, and just because it made me smile, I had a little splurge this week and ordered this t-shirt.

Perfect for painting in I think.

2014-08-01 23.36.19
  Back to work tomorrow, working plenty of hours which is great for the bank account but lousy for staying in touch with friends and blogs. Still trying though.

Just after 5pm, and it is time to bring the washing in and locate my uggs.

You can really feel the temperature crash in the evening..good thing I have wine.

Until next time.  Keep smiling