Shiny and new

When one door shuts,  another must open, or else you might just be stuck out in the cold..

It has been a lovely weekend of new.

Especially Saturday.

Up bright and early for new art classes.  And I confess it was brilliant.

A hug and a hot cuppa to start, just two students in the most beautiful garden studio and the familiarity of my lovely teacher’s smile.

We painted pears, three ways, and next week we will finish the grey toned one and do a fourth.

A project in learning different ways to apply paint.

The each have fancy names, which of course I didn’t write down, but I think my pears are looking pretty good.

(Thank you WordPress for auto saving as I accidentally exit this page…gah)

2014-07-26 11.51.50

After class, I headed to my hairdresser for an overdue makeover.  I had considered growing my hair into a longer bob style but the longer it grew, the more I hated it..

So she cut it all off, coloured it some funky red and purple and by the time I left, I as feeling revitalised.

2014-07-26 14.40.22
Next stop was the local phone shop to get myself a shiny new phone.


‘Cause I wanted it.

Simple as that.

So I did.

And despite my reassuring the young girl that I was quite capable of moving my contacts and stuff over, she was “helpful” and I have now spent considerable time deleting multiple contacts, merging, changing forgotten passwords and trying to work out how to stop stuff from automatically doing updates, backups and syncing.

My smart phone thinks it is smarter than me.

Or perhaps it is just possessed by the Google demon.

I do love it though.  It is shiny, bigger, faster and with a better camera than the old one.

And I think I have it sorted.  Hopefully.

Now I just need to find the perfect case..

New class, new hair, new phone…

And did you notice?

Lizard Happy has had a facelift.

And I wanted to apologise if you visited here last time and wanted to leave some comment love but couldn’t.   WordPress has changed some stuff, and a box was unticked but I now know to check it.

Ok, work tomorrow, doing plenty of extra hours so even if I have been a little quiet on your blogs, I am reading really.

Time to feed to males…

Hugs and smiles xxx

Motivation and creativity finally get their shit togther

Friday night I came home early.  As I promised myself.

It had been a good day, the nonsense of the day before put behind me and it was really nice to drive home while there was still daylight.

I had given the excuse of a dinner invitation as the reason to not work extra hours and with that seed planted in my brain, I decided I wanted to eat out.

So after locating a missing teenager at his friend’s house, Hubby, MJ and I went to a Pub for dinner.

A place we hadn’t tried before, right on the beach although it was far too cold for a wander down the Jetty.

I took a photo through the window and “Lord Google” decided to tweak it when it uploaded to my Google storage.  Not sure whether to be a little scared of the automation but I rather like the effect.

After a lovely meal, MJ wanted to try the icecream dessert bar across the road so we wandered over and my lovely son bought me the most decadent waffle..smothered in caramel and nuts with a generous serving of icecream.

2014-07-18 20.09.50

It certainly was a pretty awesome way to finish the week.

Saturday afternoon was spent visiting an art exhibition with some girls from my art class.

So much better to wander looking at art with girlfriends than husbands (as much as I love them, they really don’t “get it”)

The best bit though was that all that art and creative talk seems to have kick started my mojo a little.

I was itching to get into my girl cave today and paint.

For the first time in ages, it really wasn’t a struggle to get motivated.

Started first on the seascape.

And when I stopped to allow some drying time, I was just about dancing.

Well I was dancing.

What I had in my head was actually happening on the canvas.

And that is exciting.
2014-07-20 12.25.40

2014-07-20 13.15.29

My first landscape with a person.

And then I put the cityscape on the easel.
I am so close to calling it finished, so after I worked a bit on it today, I will now just stop and look at it for a few more days before signing it.

2014-07-20 13.54.45

2014-07-20 13.59.05

Yes, I use technical tools like chop sticks to paint with
2014-07-20 14.34.46
Such a good feeling to enjoy my painting again and seeing as I am heading back to classes next weekend, I hope this is the start of more success and less frustration.  At least for a while.

Now my brushes are washed and paints actually packed up for the day, it is time to relax and enjoy the last bit of Sunday with a coffee with friends.

Wishing you all a happy and creative weekend.


Smiles and hugs xx



As I get older, I guess it makes sense that I am more self-aware and one truth is now very obvious to me.
I am a very passive person with only a touch of “aggressive”. (I would rather call it assertive though)
In other words, I am very good at letting people walk all over me.

I despise confrontation.

Probably comes from growing up in a fairly volatile household. Not physically violent, but my loving mother could certainly raise the roof when she wanted to.

I rarely yelled at my kids, and in doing that, the few times that I do declare “enough” it tends to have an impact.

Standing up for myself isn’t easy. I am not good at it. I usually just try to shrug my shoulders, and get along.

Especially at work.

My Mantra – “I just want to do my work the best I can and be happy”

Those of you that have been around here for a while know though, that my avoidance of confrontation never ends well.
In the end, I get so angry at myself, for being a scaredy cat, I melt down.

But not this week.

There is this person. I think we have all met and worked with someone similar.
Been in the same job for years.
The self-proclaimed “expert”.

I got warned that she could be “difficult”. Even told that that person was “just a grump” but eventually continued pedantic nitpicking and being called on to explain ridiculous little issues tends to wear a person down and in my case give my confidence a huge shake. (How to make Mynx feel incompetent in 3 easy steps..)

It didn’t matter that everybody else was telling me that I was doing an awesome job and was really contributing to the team in a positive way.

This person was messing with my head, big time.

And so much of what she was telling me, just didn’t make sense.

So yesterday I stood up for myself.
And I questioned what I was being told.

Created a little bit of a shit storm. My disputing the dragon lady.
And I am pretty sure she really doesn’t like me much (not that I think she likes anyone much).

The Manager got involved, and although perhaps nothing much will change, the important thing is I stood my ground and asked the all important “why”.

This all happened at my other location. The area that I have been working extra hours to help them out.

Today I am going home early. Giving the place a miss.

Had enough of that crazy for a week.

One of the other staff asked me to not to let the situation/person put me off, told me that I really have been a huge help to them.
I will go back next week. I like the work, the variety and the extra cash.

As for Dragon Lady, I will let her play her little power games if that is what she wants.
I will shrug my shoulders and say “whatever”.
Accept when I do stuff up and stand my ground when I believe I am in the right.

But I wont let her upset me again.
That is one power she does not have the right to.
She doesn’t scare me.


Procrastination is not a dirty word…

2014-07-12 21.40.33 

Red wine, raffle tickets and Jatz crackers – Saturday night at the archery dinner…


Just when you thought I was getting back into some sort of regular posting after chucking two posts in a week onto your reading list, I went and slacked off again and am only now popping back to say Hi.

Procrastination seems to be my middle name lately.

Its cold here.  Not blizzard, snow and ice cold but cold for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere

You can stop laughing now.  OK?

Whats been happening since last I avoided housework and came to play here?

Work mainly.  Extra hours have been keeping me away from the computer and other forms of electronic entertainment.

And work has been quite honestly good….yeah, been a while since I have been able to say that without grimacing.

It has been varied, with nice happy people (mostly) to work with and the extra hours come with a 15% loading so my bank account will be happier on payday (as will the tax man)

As for my other roles in life.

Well, there are chores I probably should be doing before work.

Hubby started sorting some papers ready for us to do our tax returns and they are currently neatly filed all over the lounge room floor.

Because he didn’t know what to do next.

And I haven’t so far got around to picking them up.

*note to self, tackle that job tonight….(unless something way more interesting comes along..)

The fridge and pantry are however looking pretty awesome after the kids where given those cleaning jobs along with a couple of other things to do while they are on holidays.

Only fair, they live here too and I really hate having to unplug the WiFi router/modem and take it to work with me…

As for art, there has been some procrastination there as well.

The cityscape has kinda maybe ground to a halt as I glare at it a little.

Its working, but it is frustrating me and so I am avoiding it.

But I did paint this lovely little landscape for a friend.

2014-07-05 16.15.03

And on a whimsy I painted this little fairy door just for fun.

2014-07-06 17.23.19

Then yesterday I started another painting.  From a suggestion by another friend that has stuck in my head.

Not sure if it will be a winner but it is a distraction.

Only the bare bones so far and there is considerable work still to happen.

2014-07-14 07.52.29

My new classes start in two weeks.  I am hoping they will drag me out of the painting funk I am currently battling.

What else to tell you..

Coffee mug is empty, my fingers are cold and I should probably go make breakfast.
Work starts at 11am, finishes around 7pm and I still have to pack some lunch, shower and tart myself up a tad.

And I need to make a phone call.

(gee my life is so exciting, I bet you guys can barely handle the stress hehe)

OK, as my mother always said “This isn’t getting anything done”
Well it has really.
I blogged.
That has to count for something.

Even if the lounge room floor is still covered in paid bills and bank statements




Suited up

Christopher's Formal 2014-07-03 003

Black suit, black shirt, black shoes and a hot pink tie to complete the look.

Freshly showered and shaven , his hair done just right and a look of “let’s get this over with”

plastered on his face as mother dragged him outside to get another set of photos.

Year 12 Formal. Another growing up milestone and happily I was home from work earlier enough to do the fussing I desperately wanted to do.

Not that you an fuss a lot over a boy young man.

“Tuck your shirt in”

“Do your socks match”


“Yes Mum..”

The kids were all meeting at a friends house, a limo booked to take them in style to the hotel where they would party.

A fancy 3 course menu, photo booth and dancing all included.

Parents of course, not invited.

I think he thought we would just drop him at the door and leave, but like all the other parents we stayed.

And took photos.

It was like a red carpet event, paparazzi included with group shots, lots of noise and flashes going off madly.

Look here, look here, just look at the camera and smile for goodness sake.

Black suits, coloured ties, pretty dresses and bling.

And corsages.

His date was the last to arrive and I could sense the nerves as he checked his phone for any last minute messages.

Then as she walked in the door, in the most lovely long pink dress, he smiled.

One of those natural, beautiful, so happy to see her smiles.

There was a little awkwardness, and no proper introductions but he did look a little smitten.

She seems nice, he tells me she can be a bit “bossy” but he smiles when he says it.

And when he arrived home after his night out with his friends, he was still smiling.

Which is all a mother really wants.



it’s slow but it’s progress

I went and worked in the Bulk Dock and I didn’t die.
2014-06-27 08.53.11
(a rare photo of yours truly in work mode)

Of course, it could be because I was listening when I had an official induction on “traffic management”.

It included a tour of the building, explanations of emergency procedure and where I was and wasn’t allowed to walk.

Green is good, walk between the green lines and you will (most likely) be ok.

Yellow is ok too, as long as you watch out for fork lifts and other load shifting machinery.

Cross the double blue lines and you are risking death.  Really..that is where the trucks and buses are, so staying right away from the blue lines is definitely a good idea.

And after learning all this, most of my time spent there was sitting at a desk doing data entry.

(I keep reaching for a candle instead of my coffee, I am an idiot, the candle is blue and not even coffee coloured)

So I survived, met some nice people and had a break from grumpy customers.


The weekend was cold, wet and rainy and although I keep telling myself that at least we don’t get snow and all my northern hemisphere mates must think I am a wuss, I am hating this winter thing.

MJ has exams, and Big C has his high school formal happening this week.

Saturday, we had to go order a corsage for his date.

White roses, with a bling bracelet.  It was a little amusing to have to keep reminding my son that it was called a “corsage” and not a corset.

Not exactly the same thing really.

Hopefully Thursday I will be home in time to see my handsome young man all suited up and ready to party with his friends.

They are going as a group, in a hired limo so will be meeting at one of his friends homes.

In the past the formal has been an end of year thing but the school moved it to mid year to avoid some of the distraction.

Party now and then focus on study actually seems smart.

So after the flower shopping, we got his hair cut and he is sorted for Thursday.  One of the times in life I don’t mind having boys.  A whole lot less fuss than nails and spray tans that most of the girls going will be fussing with.

Got him to work and then dropped MJ at an exam and took myself shopping.  Art first, then some time spent at a posh shopping centre east of the city.

Designer labels.

I was a bit like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  Way out of my comfort zone although in my case, although I didn’t have the benefit of Richard Gere and his credit card, the shop ladies were lovely and I found a top to splurge on.
2014-06-30 09.17.03

Out all day Saturday and Sunday was cold and miserable and I had a bad case of the blehs.

It could have got ugly with my mood so dark but awesome Hubby was clued in and suggested a drive in the country and lunch at a pub to blow away the blues.

2014-06-29 14.42.34

2014-06-29 14.34.18

2014-06-29 13.42.48

It worked.  We had a lovely time.  It was much needed.

But no painting got done until this morning.

And honestly I should probably have been cleaning the bathroom.

But I have made a little more progress on the city scape.  Not a lot.

This one is testing me.  And I have moments of not really even liking it much but I am getting it done. Slowly.

2014-07-01 10.09.20

In three weeks I will start my new classes and I have to find some images that I will want to paint before then.  Landscapes, scenes or still life are the suggestions and it is nice to have some choice in what I will be painting.  (instead of abstract 60’s furniture done with retro 70’s colour palette)

Ok, coffee finished and time to go tart myself up for work.

Hope you all have a great week.

Hugs and smiles  :)



Udderly delightful

Congratulations Trish! You’ve scored yourself a fab fondue party for 4 thanks to our good friends Udder Delights

You can tell I still have the heart of a Gleek as I have had the “Fondue for Two” theme running through my head since this wonderful email popped into my inbox today.

Winner Winner chicken dinner…or cheese dinner. hehe

Cheezy grins all round   :D

OK enough gloating but it is so nice that good things are happening in my life and my laugh has returned.

Cooked pumpkin soup today.

I was procrastinating.   There was painting to be done and I couldn’t get motivated.

Stalked a couple of friends, did some loads of washing.  I can be really productive when avoiding what really needs to be done.

Been a good week. Monday’s airport jaunt was a pile of fun and if you follow me on Instagram, (tish2312) you would have seen a pic of us all, me in my fabulous new coat and cute boots, looking intently at the art.

Lots of laughs and just what I needed.   Going to miss those girls and the art classes with them.

I can’t go back though.  After a pile of indecision, I decided that I should get it all off my chest and write a letter of feedback to the school.

I said nice stuff.  And politely told them of what had concerned me while I had been a student.

The reply I received back was ..terse.  Perhaps even just a tad condescending and patronising.

Got told twice not to email back a reply to their reply as they were on holidays.


Don’t plan to contact them again.  Even after they return from their trip.

I’m done.

But as they say, sometimes when one door shuts, another opens and I was thrilled to be offered a place working with my teacher at her private classes  (apart from being employed to teach at the school, she takes small groups several times a week at her own studio).

So excited.

My recent issues with the classes were mostly caused by the management of the school and I adore my teacher so this is the best possible solution.

And the classes will be Saturday mornings which will be much easier to manage given that work is still a little erratic despite being a much happier environment.

Talking erratic, never thought I would be working past 6pm but Monday I am being introduced to the “Bulk Dock” and will be working there temporarily from 4-8pm while I am surplus to the office and the Bulk Dock needs staff.

Back to sorting and checking incoming  bulk mail  and wearing my steel caps. *sigh.

Still, something new and different and I am sure I will manage it especially as it is only a short-term thing and probably not more than a couple of days a week for the next couple of months.  (fingers crossed)

And I get most of the day off before…

Anyway, it is a job and helps pay for art classes and those art supplies which I did end up using this afternoon.

2014-06-22 15.22.24

2014-06-22 15.22.34

2014-06-22 15.22.40

2014-06-22 15.22.54
Still plenty more to do, this one is making me take my time but it is fun and I think it is starting to look ok.

Temperature feels like it is dropping and I need to bring the washing in.

Hope y’all have a great weekend

Hugs and smiles and painty fingers waving   :)