Let’s start a new week fresh


Saw this on Face Book late last week and as so many things can be, for me it was right on the button.

But that was last week and after many tears shed and a few angry words said too, it is time to start a new week with a smile.

And art.

Because while I could have a moan and rant about all the things and people that pissed me off last week, there is no point in going there again.

Now what do you do when you have three 10×10″ canvas that you dislike and want to change the energy of?

Easy, buy another, tape them together and splash on some paint.
2014-04-13 08.38.20
2014-04-13 10.18.59
2014-04-13 14.15.45

And change your mind
2014-04-13 15.17.57

And then add some texture.
2014-04-14 08.40.47
2014-04-14 08.57.46

Not finished but this is looking pretty dramatic and hopefully will look fabulous by the time I finish fluffing around with it.

And we were back to art class this week.

Abstract expressionism, or impressionism or some such thing.

Anyway, the task at hand is to take a provided image,
2014-04-08 21.08.46

Minimize the detail and and perhaps stretch the shapes
2014-04-10 07.44.53

and using a limited palette, create something wonderful (???)

Well I have started anyway.
2014-04-13 19.12.33

By the way, that circle up the top right – not a moon.

Our April journal challenge story is still happening although we have taken a break for the weekend so don’t worry we will be back on Monday with more mystery and questions.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the link againYour Mother came around

Need to go fold the washing now. Was going to have to work this morning but got the call not to come in early so happy face.

And I have just discovered I have won a pamper session from a Facebook thing so extra big smile.

And only 4 more sleeps until my “other” hubby arrives to spend Easter with us.

It is going to be a good week.

Cross that off the list

Those of you who have been following my scribble for a while should know by now that it doesn’t take a whole lot to excite me.

And today I am excited.

Remember this?

2013-12-14 07.19.25Yep, the painting that I worked so hard on and that was promptly rejected by a pissy little exhibition at the beginning of the year?

(I figure a show of only 40 paintings is both pissy and little given the incredible talent in local artists not including me)

Well it was time to put myself out there again and enter it in another show.

And this time it has not only been accepted but also delivered today and exchanged for a catalogue that has my name in it.
2014-04-06 16.56.35

Ok, that is probably to be expected for any decent (900 paintings) show but as it is my first time with my name in freakin’ print in an art show catalogue I am doing virtual cartwheels (the real ones would be scary and possibly dangerous for myself and bystanders).
2014-04-06 11.04.19

After leaving the painting at the gallery,  Hubby and I wandered across the car park to the local market and enjoyed some mooching in the glorious sunshine.
2014-04-06 10.58.11
I was certain it was lunch time, but when I mentioned it, Hubby reminded me that the clocks had gone back and it was not even 11 am.

Stupid Daylight saving ending.  Woke up at what I thought was 5am, which although early is a pretty normal waking time for me, so I got up and was wide awake before I realised that officially it was only 4am.

This later wake up time is going to take a few days to adjust to.

Anyways, if we couldn’t have lunch that early, we could have coffee and cake…which I didn’t photograph as I was ravenous and the cake was amazing and you don’t really want photos of crumbs.

Instead you get a pic of the view from our table over the river.
2014-04-06 11.08.02

Yes, life is pretty darn good living here in SA

As it was still reasonably early, we headed further along the coast to Victor Harbor for a fish and chip lunch on the lawns.
2014-04-06 12.10.37
The seagulls, although hopeful went hungry
2014-04-06 12.12.33
Last time I was in this town was when I hurt my leg so I am pleased to advise that this time I survived unscathed.

In other news, I have brochures.  Still no actual dates for when we cross the world but hopeful it will be 2nd half next year.

Several reasons for this, the main one being that my job needs me to book leave in October for the following year.  Usually not an issue but hard to be spontaneous.
2014-04-06 04.25.44
As the trip will most likely be only a couple of weeks and the budget may be tight, we are currently looking at Texas and Las Vegas/Grand Canyon as some of the places we want to visit.

This might change but they are certainly top of our list so suggestions are welcome.

(Blogger meet up in Vegas?)

Ok last bit

Have you seen and been following the story that me and Rabbit are writing this month?

Taking turns and with no real idea where the story will finish, each day we build on what the other has written.

It is turning into a real mystery as David’s wife and family have to deal with his sudden disappearance.

Love to know what you all think so please feel free to let me/us know and also if you have any theories as to what has happened to this loving (?) husband and father.

Your Mother Came Around Today (magic linky thing you can click)

Clock and stomach telling me it is getting near dinner time.

Been a busy day as you can see and tomorrow is Monday again.

Hope you are all having a great weekend

Hugs and Smiles from me  xx






Not Sunday without art.

After my last post, I may be pushing the friendship to come back with an art post, but all the wonderful comments and virtual hugs motivated me to pull my finger out and actually do some painting.

All I can really say is “Thank you” to everybody who does come by here and read and leave comment love.

I am actually not surprised that no one wants those abstracts.  They don’t the best mojo and I am looking forward to creating new from old and unwanted.

Change does funny things to me.  I over think and that isn’t a good thing.  Thankfully you guys helped me wake up to the fact that I do love being here and doing this and so I will keep on keeping on.

For now anyway.

Back to the art

First hubby made me a new custom designed, one of a kind easel to fit a wine bottle.
2014-03-30 12.12.33
I have a case of “clean skin” Shiraz and also a few sparkling Shiraz that I thought could be fun to paint and gift a few to the archery club as a fundraiser.

Bottle #1
2014-03-30 13.39.43
Bottle #2
2014-03-30 14.46.59
I think I will do a third yet but not today.

Three weeks until Easter and the first batch of Hot Cross Buns is done. These will be gone by tomorrow but there will be plenty more to come (don’t worry Ty).
2014-03-30 14.26.05

So life goes on. I paint, I cook and I blog.

’til next time

Hus and smiles xx

I am a little worried

I think this little blog of mine is dying.

And I am not sure how to resuscitate it.

In three months, I will have been blogging for 4 years and I have no idea where that time has gone.

My life has changed immensely since those early days.  Blogging has changed also.

I had plans to take part in a writing exercise that involved a fake journal in April.

Now I am not sure I could even manage that,

I think it is pretty clear that no one wants those paintings so I will trash them and rebirth them.

I can no longer afford to just give away my art and despite the numerous times I have offered to sell my art through here at very reasonable prices, I find that the number of comments on those posts hit rock bottom and that is very disheartening.

Of course, although I have tried, I just haven’t made it around to a lot of blogs lately.  and I am very aware that a lot of bloggers will only comment on those that comment on them.

So what to do?

I can’t walk away yet.

I just need to readjust my attitude perhaps.

I still need this place, for my thoughts, my art, and escape.

Things are going to get a little stressy for me in the coming months as my office closes and new opportunities hopefully present themselves.

Perhaps a writing challenge is just what I need.

Or coffee.

Coffee is always good when you sit and talk to …

Hello?  Is anybody still out there?




Just checking

These three 10″ square abstracts are earmarked for re birthing

Unless someone wants to buy one or all of them.

Very reasonable – pretty much cost plus postage

2014-02-11 20.35.27 2014-02-11 20.35.20 2014-02-08 10.26.02

Email me or leave a comment and I will get back to you.


Or else in one week from now, out comes the Gesso.


Happy Friday everyone.

Proper post tomorrow

I am coming to America…

Well, not yet, not this year but that is my plan and I figure if I keep being positive about it, I will make it happen.   (but don’t tell Rabbit, I plan to surprise him)

I have convinced Hubby that it would be a good thing, now I just have to save the money, buy the ticket and get there.

Easy eh?

Anyway,  the other day was “International day of Happiness” and normally, I would be totally on the ball and would have treated you all to one of my amazing lists of what makes me happy.

Because happiness is infectious and much more desirable than catching the flu anyway.

But I am slack and here I am days later, feet up, belly full of risotto with a couple of wines under my belt, finally sitting down to write some of my usual dribble,

First question, do I number it?

Bugger it, that is easy as, only a click of the button thingy up top and let’s see how many things I can come up with before I feel the need to fill my glass…

Actually, none, I glance over to the glass and it is empty.

Good wine makes me happy, so I better rectify it.

Ok, sorted.

Click the little button and let’s go.

Wine makes me happy..ok, said that already and it probably makes the list every time.  Although, you can tell the change of seasons is happening as tonight the glass is filled with red.

A successful experiment.  Today there was a couple.  The risotto, which was AMAZING and also an art experiment with the last drops of pouring medium and some ink.

2014-03-23 10.54.50

Hubby makes me happy.  He probably should have been top of the list but this is still close enough.  He tolerates me sitting and chatting late into the night with people half way across the world and then agrees to me dragging him with me as I plan a visit. (I may be up for a new archery bow though apparently they are cheaper in the US)

Friends make me happy.  My gorgeous friend Ty is having a birthday today and although he has been a little AWOL the last couple of months (harvest and all that stuff) I still got the talk to him and now I am hoping to coax him into visiting over Easter.  The mention here of home-made hot cross buns might help motivate….

My children.  Drive me nuts a lot of the time but still they bring so much happiness to my day.  MJ also bought me chocolate, and you know how much I love chocolate.

Foot rubs, and pedicures…love

Fresh flowers.  Never wait for a man to buy them for you if you want them.  Just buy them for an isntant happy boost.

Spell check.. (yeah, did you see the typo I deliberately left?)

Ice cream, on a sunny day, when out shopping with someone I love.

2014-03-22 13.29.18

Come to think of it, spending time with someone I love, no matter the weather

Fresh sheets  (he he, nearly wrote sheep, but I fixed it)

Kisses.  Hugs too.

Chickens.  Come on, how can you not smile when you see a happy chicken?

Other people doing house work…cause I am terrible at it.

2014-03-23 17.27.50
Yes, I am a messy cook.

Baking.  And seeing the teenagers lurking, drawn by the smell of butter, sugar and chocolate.

Arting, of course.  But that is another obvious one.  Doing, and selling and experimenting and planning and gifting.
2014-03-23 11.31.55

Time to myself.  Those moments when the house is empty, quiet and I can do what I want.

Long walks on the beach,  watching the sun set over the water, sand between the toes..

pause, ponder…. ok, lazy mornings in bed with the paper and a coffee

Happy people make me happy.  Really, it is so true.  And being and staying positive, although tough at times, is what we should strive for.   Life can be short and unpredictable.  We need to laugh, love and smile when ever we can……

Just thought of one more..

Coffee, made by hubby with a fresh triple choc chip muffin.

Yeah, life is pretty good

So tell me. what makes you happy?

(and if you were wondering why the list didn’t end up numbered, well, it was being difficult, and frowning at it was giving me wrinkles)

It has been announced now

So I think I can probably tell you.

We got the official word the other day, after months, possibly years of speculation and rumour, that our little post office will be closing on May the 2nd.

Despite being a busy little place, keeping it open wasn’t part of the “bigger picture” and so after five years of working there, I am soon going to be shutting that door for the final time.

Five years of adventures, and uncertainty.  Of revolving door managers.  Temp Managers filling in for temp managers, filling in for absent Managers.

Two total emotional meltdowns and yet innumerable moments of joy and laughter, way too many to count.

So many good friends made, so much cake and just a handful of nutters thrown it to make each day interesting.

I am sad, but in many ways excited for the challenges ahead.

Of course, as usual,  things are never straight forward.  At the very time I would like to be in my usual office, having the chance to tell my customers the news, they have me working somewhere else.

I will be back for the end though.  This gig is only for 3 more weeks (could be less) and the positive is the Manager there has told me that she has asked to have me sent there permanently, after the dust settles.

This would be a good thing.  Same work, great people, and less than 10 minutes from home.  And hopefully somewhat more stable than what the alternative might be.

Change can be a good thing.  I will still have my job and that is the most important thing to happen in any restructure of business.


Life goes on.

Here is this weeks art effort. Still not finished, perhaps I will work on it more tomorrow.

2014-03-18 20.48.17

Oh and this one needs a name too.

It is finished, glossed and signed.  A big beautiful 30″ square.

2014-03-22 10.21.47(Can you see the lovely shiny flowy bits?)

Now to find a home for it.

Artist, Storyteller, Wife and Mother. This is who I am and this is my place to be me


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