Hell of a week and it is only Wednesday

I am sitting here, on a Wednesday evening, trying to put into words my feelings about what happened in Sydney this week.

So many emotions.

Anger that a crackpot with a shotgun killed two innocent people, injured others and traumatized people who were simply stopping for coffee on a Monday morning.

Grief and sadness for the families of those that died.

It is so hard to believe that such a terrible thing happened here in Australia but what is pretty awesome is the way people are refusing to allow it to generate an atmosphere of fear.

As more information surfaces, it appears more that this man was violent and deluded and very probably felt he had nothing to lose.

He and his actions have been condemned by Muslim leaders and he certainly appears to have been working alone.

As I watched the constant news reports both during and after, I couldn’t help comparing it less to the terrorist attacks such as what happened in Canada recently, and more to those random school shootings in the USA and even the Port Arthur mass shooting, where a lone gunman with his own twisted agenda took the lives of innocents.   I can’t help wondering too, if the death toll would have been much higher if our country’s gun laws were not as strict.

But this is only my opinion, my attempt to make sense of the senseless.

Needless to say, it will have a impact on our society.  Questions need to be answered.

What I am proud of though is how people have reacted in rejecting the racist angle.  Instead offering support and protection to anybody who might feel threatened because of their dress, while riding public transport.  Within hours #illridewityou was trending and retweeted thousands of times.

This is what being Australian is about.  We look after our mates.

In other news,  I am officially over the madness of Christmas.  My shopping is done, although the gifts are still to be wrapped.

Been horribly busy at work, I have had to deal with unexpected financial stuff that required nearly two hours on the phone to a government department and I had three paintings accepted into a major regional art show.



Cross that off the bucket list.

This one “City Lights”

2014-08-17 15.04.26

And this one “Just the Tonic”

2014-09-20 12.00.53

And this one  “Autumn Vines”

2013-12-14 07.19.25

Certainly will be nice to sell them, but I wont hold my breath.  Just getting in to the exhibition is a buzz in itself.

So despite the awful stuff, there has been some awesomeness too.

Weekend is coming, last art class of the year and Hubby is apparently taking me out to dinner for my birthday

Cuppa tea time.

Keep smiling friends.  And in this crazy world, find your sunshine and then breathe.


Changing but still the same

It’s now been four and a half years since I first entered this amazing world of blogging way over at Blogger and two years almost since I jumped ship and came over here to the dark side.

From humble beginnings and hard work I built up “Dribble”, writing for a small but dedicated audience as I stumbled from one adventure and drama to the next.

Cheeky, fun and hopefully entertaining, I am Mynx.

Well, I was.

And I guess I still am really.

But things change, and I am different person to that new kid on the blogging block and as I have continued my passion as an artist, I have come to the conclusion that is is time to properly be who I am.

I am Trish.

Pleased to meet you.

Although most of you know that already.  Especially if you have connected with me on any of my other social media accounts.

Or read the name I sign my art with.

I don’t blog as much as once I did, and I have been pretty slack in the last few months in leaving comments (although I have been lurking) so some people don’t come by here much anymore.

And that’s ok.  I love everyone who does make an effort to visit and it has never been about the numbers.

What I am saying though, is as my blogging and life has changed, I no longer feel the need to hide behind “Mynx”.

And now when I do come and visit your blog, you will see my same little flower icon, but my real name.

Scary stuff eh?

I’m still keeping this blog pretty much between you and me.  I see no need to share this little corner of the internet with my work mates and family.

So although the name of the writer has changed. And the look as well (but that isn’t unusual really), everything else remains the same.

And with that said,

I finished this today.

“Araluen Tulips”

2014-12-13 12.41.26-1
Very different to the last painting, but this was so much fun to paint.

It’s big, textural and blasting with colour.

Less than two weeks until Christmas now.  Shopping planned for tomorrow.

It’s warm, maybe even hot enough for a swim tonight.

Until next time, keep smiling

Trish xx


Less than two weeks now to my birthday and only two more days until Big C is officially 18.

We had his party on the weekend. Nearly 40 people of all ages enjoyed burgers and cake and celebrated his successful arrival at adulthood.

It was a fun night, and not a hard clean up the next day.

You can tell the silly season is upon us.

All the once a year “I need to post this to … and it has to be there by Christmas” people are now getting into the post office with bags of neatly wrapped gifts and not a clue how to get them from point A to B.

And of course, it is all soooo much more expensive than last year.  (“I am absolutely certain I didn’t have to do….or pay……for such a little pile of things LAST year”)

So it is crazy busy which makes the day go quicker and although I am tired, I don’t mind it.

Only two more weeks left of this term’s art classes too.

Finally I have finished and signed this.

“Two Blokes”

2014-12-06 10.19.27-1
and when I took that off the easel, I replaced it with this.

2014-12-06 11.39.08
Which I will work on more this week.

as for the next project, no idea  Hubby is suggesting the red back spider that I photographed a couple of months ago.

Maybe. It would certainly be a challenge.

I do need to get a few more canvases and build up my stock as I will need a dozen paintings before I can set up an installation at my sister in laws family cafe in the city some time next year.

But that is next year.

Still need to get through the dying weeks of this one.

Time to grab a coffee and start thinking of getting ready for work.

Sending smiles and hugs







It wont happen to me

“I’m not gay, so it wont happen to me”

“I’m gay, but it isn’t an issue anymore”

“It’s manageable right? Just a pill and life goes on as normal”

Those of you my age will remember the media hysteria around HIV and AIDS in the eighties.  We were scared to bits of this disease that seemed to have the potential to kill us all.

People died, movies were made, laws enacted and scientists worked hard to find a cure.

They still do.

But, the noise settled, people found other things to be frightened of and it seemed that HIV & AIDS was no longer the threat we had feared.

Life went on for most of us.

But here we are, three decades later and there is still no cure.

People are still dying of AIDS.

People are still catching HIV.

Yes, with early detection, and appropriate treatment, the progress of the virus can be stalled and life will go on, but not everybody at risk will test regularly and even when diagnosed, treatment is not always available easily or affordably.

One of my dearest friends is HIV positive.  He nearly died before he was diagnosed.

And it is still a battle back to health. The drugs that fight the disease have side effects that are debilitating.

Perhaps if he was diagnosed earlier, before the virus damaged his system so badly, things might be different, easier, but he is a survivor and a fighter and I am so happy that he is still with us.

I write this today, on the 1st of December, to challenge everyone not to forget.  To continue to educate our young people to practice safe sex and avoid risky behavior like sharing needles.  It doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight.  HIV doesn’t discriminate.

And we need to support those that are diagnosed.  Destroy the stigma, so that those at risk will get tested, knowing that the people who love them, will be there even if the result is positive.

Let’s get the conversation happening.  Educate yourself, there is a wealth of information on the internet at the tips of your fingers.

Through understanding, fear is diminished.

Let’s work as hard at finding a cure for HIV/AIDS as we do for cancer.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could?

shoes 002




Never leave me alone with my thoughts

Firstly, to those of you wonderful people who took the time to read what I posted earlier, I apologise.

That post was lazy, poor thought out and basically pretty crappy.

So it is gone.

And here I am 10 hours later, trying to retrieve the thoughts that flooded my head as I negotiated the traffic of my half hour drive home from work tonight.

Each day I drive the same road, sometimes even seeing the same cars.

Some nights the traffic flows quickly and I am home before I know it, but often, there are snarls where we sit, and wait, before crawling forward a few metres and then stopping again.

I find it my thinking time.

The music is playing, usually my iPod set on “shuffle”.  Sometimes a song will play which has me lifting the volume and seat dancing, and other times it is merely background noise.

While I sit and wait for the lights to change, I replay the day, or the week and try to solve the never-ending challenges that this world and life throws at me.

I have decided that each parent should be issued with a toilet roll length of writing paper for each child at birth to assist with the constant endless lists that come with parenting.

It starts with lists of baby requirements, prams, and nappies, moves on to school books and uniforms and before you know it, the list is all about work clothes, steel cap boots and getting them a job.

And a car.

Well we can cross that off the list anyway.

At least for Big C.

2014-11-16 16.44.47

From the constant plotting and planning and organising of being a super mum, my thoughts will sometimes drift to other things.

Conversations with friends, can be examined, and replayed and even more deeply, I examine my own life, my past, and my here and now.

I am so blessed in so many ways.

I was lucky to be born to parents that are still together, to be able to have a quality education and have never been unemployed or homeless.

I am certainly not saying it was all perfect.  There have been bumps and bruises along the way.  People, who through their actions have impacted on me and not always in a positive way.

I have made choices and not all of them smart.

And to be honest, I haven’t been very adventurous either.

But life has never forced me to be.

I once pondered here that sometimes I felt I was “vanilla” and I perhaps I longed to be more interesting, maybe more “rocky road”.

And you all, my friends, reassured me that Vanilla was wonderful, and I guess it is.

Not all of my friends have been as lucky as me.  Life has been harder, the bumps and bruises are deeper and have had a greater impact.

And yet, these people, the ones that are surviving everything that life has thrown at them, are to me, so inspirational.

They often have the biggest hearts, are the most creative and perhaps because they take nothing for granted, make the best friends.

I have learned so much from meeting these people, often through this blog, and having them in my lives.

My life is so much more the richer.

And I am thankful.

Those that read what I posted earlier, would have noted the line “I made a friend cry”

Not all tears are bad.  Sometimes, when the connection is deep, the trust strong and the conversation intense, tears can fall.

We are working on a project connected with a cause important to both of us.

World AIDS Day.  December 1st.

There is still no cure.   We have to keep the conversation happening.  HIV will not go away on its own.


For those of you still here after the 600 odd words so far, especially if you are crying out “but where is the art?”

A little more work on the cafe scene.  You might need to check earlier posts to see the difference.

2014-11-15 12.05.38

Also after a couple or six wines at the neighbours, there is plotting of a possible painting of a wine barrel that is to be used as a table.

2014-11-15 21.30.14

Not sure when that will happen, but it could be a hoot to give it a go.

The last photo to show you, a bit of fun.  I call it training for my trip next year.

2014-11-14 07.17.22

Not only does my friend in Texas tell my how much he loves Dr Pepper, but the town where we plan to stay when we visit him, has a Dr Pepper museum.
So when I saw the can in the supermarket I grabbed it.
Funny thing is, the can I bought was actually made in the UK.

Happily, MJ, has located a genuine Made in the USA can of Dr Pepper which I shall try over the weekend.
I just wonder if it will taste the same as the stuff the Brits made.

Well a lot more words, and hopefully a better post.
I have no idea really.

But this is done.

Almost the weekend.
It has been a bit of a crazy week, and I am ready for some down time.


Sending out hugs and smiles.

Until next time xx






And the Boss was singing “Chicken Pizza”

It’s still warm, even at nearly 10pm.

I don’t mind though.  Enjoy it while I can, is my mantra at the moment.  Besides, they are predicting a cool change sweeping the state tomorrow evening.

There is always change.  A change in the weather is nothing really to stress about.

Actually, stressing about change is pointless as well.

Shit happens.  So does good stuff too.

It really is all part of the adventure of life.

Rather deep and meaningful for a warm Wednesday night.  There is a cop show on the tv.  One that I don’t particularly enjoy but as Hubby has sat through my favorite drama, it is my turn to grin and bear it, at least until this is written and my cup of tea is finished.

I stepped out of my comfort zone last night, accepting the offer from Big C to drive me home.  I was a little nervous, but he is becoming a confident and competent driver and with a little bit of luck, in New Year, we will be celebrating him obtaining his license.

We are actually moving into a year of celebrations.

Big C finishes high school and turns 18.

Hubby hits the big 5 oh.

MJ will celebrate his 21st in April.

and yours truly will finish 2015 with her 50th birthday also.

So there has been talk of parties.  A family affair for Big C is planned.  That is all he wants.  And a car.

We are discovering that a license, and transport are essential for a job seeker.

And we need to get that kid a proper job, so his gift from us will be a little cheapie of a car.

Hubby has refused a party.  He simply does not want a fuss made of his birthday.

His only request is that I accompany him for a weekend away.  Just me and him and the archery club at a country shoot in January.

He will love it, we will have fun, and I will probably get a lovely afternoon to sit and read my book.  Or wander the city of Mount Gambier, perhaps looking for arty inspiration.

It’s not that hard to find the positive.

I haven’t been well, three days off work last week.  Nothing too serious, I went to the Doc, got some medication and plenty of rest.

So much going on lately, I am a little inclined to blame stress.

So I need to stay positive and not let things get to me.  Just breathe, laugh often and celebrate the wins.

Like a hot coffee, waiting for me when I arrived at work.  My boss is pretty awesome.

I have clean shiny kitchen cupboards and vacuumed carpet, thanks to Big C doing chores while I am at work.

MJ has finally secured some work experience and has finished exams for the year.

My cuppa tea was delicious and I have been making progress on both of my paintings.

2014-11-07 15.14.35


2014-11-08 11.55.01

2014-11-08 11.55.09

Still a lot more work on both, but we are getting there slowly.

Both are different and both are providing huge learning opportunities.  There is an awful lot of problem solving in a painting.

A lot of stepping back, appreciating what works, and fixing what doesn’t work.

And sometimes, just accepting, that what will be.. will be.

And that is ok too.

It is the little quirks that make art and life interesting.

That and having a boss who continually changes the words to songs.

“Chicken pizza tell me the truth…”



Facing the fear

Gauging by the comments on my last post, my photo of the lady Redback spooked a few of you.

Believe it or not, spiders terrify me too, but when you fight the fear, and really stop to look at these little creatures, some of them are incredibly beautiful.

And realistically, it is not the spider you can see that is the one you have to worry about…

Growing up here in Australia, a redback spider was, and still is, part of summer life.  We are lucky here in Adelaide to not have the nastier Sydney Funnel Web, but our colourful black and red arachnid will still give you a nasty bite if you are not careful.

That said, I have never been bitten and really don’t know anybody who has.

It is routine to check the outdoor table and chairs, before sitting, and also under the window ledges and rubbish bins, and it can be pretty obvious when a spider is in residence by the messy web they like to leave around.

And usually, all it takes to evict permanently is a shot of bug spray, a quick brush with the boom and you are ready to enjoy a comfy sit.

I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker, I despise rollercoasters and know I have a problem with heights.

I am not really sure I enjoy flying, and to be honest, I can be quite shy when meeting people.

But facing fear, any fear, will make you feel alive.

It pushes you to experience the world fully.

I am a little scared of coming to the USA.  It is an awful long way and is going to be hugely expensive.

I can worry about the million things that might go wrong.  I can worry about missed flights, plane crashes, random shootings, terrorist attacks, bears, mountain lions, skunks, cholesterol overload….  (feel free to dispute my stereotyping)

I know there will be a frisson of fear when I put myself in high places like the Grand Canyon or on a balcony of a skyscraper.  There will be the fear of the crowds in New York, fear of getting lost or mugged or running out of spending money. (what if I can’t get a cheesy I heart NY t-shirt?)

And the fear that  meeting my friends, despite all the planning, and hoping and counting down, could all go horribly wrong.  (and I end up short a bodily organ or three)

But I am going to face these fears, and in doing that, I know I will experience such wonders, and beauty and fun that my life will be so much richer.   This, I am confident.

We all have fears, some more rational than others.  But we need to face them, even if we can’t overcome them.

(Big C driving still scares the crap out of me, but I am trying)

If you can, look again at that spider photo.  Look how beautiful she is.  How amazing her markings are.  The colours, and shapes are natures way of telling us to be careful of her.

She was just sitting on a rubbish bin, outside, enjoying the morning sun.  No bigger than a thumb nail.

Not hurting anyone.

And really, probably much  more scared of me.

And if you just can’t face that again,

Here are some triple chocolate chip muffins. Fresh out of the oven.

2014-10-31 09.19.45
Nothing scary about that eh?

Oh and did you watch the first Dazey Mahem video?  It really is fucking funny.  (That was before you got to the spider pic)