Life imitating art?


This weekends art class focused on my “selfie”

Not quite finished but very very happy with it.  The eyes need a little more work still but that will happen next class.

Not next week though.  I have a house guest next week and I can’t wait.

My “other hubby” is coming to stay again, which usually means a weekend of food, chocolate, wine and a little shopping.

And plenty of hugs.

Of course, that means clearing space in the studio but I think I can manage that.  Just hope we have some nice weather for our adventures.

Talking adventures, last weekend the real hubby and I went on a walk in the Mount Lofty Botanic Garden.

Gorgeous place not too far from home just in the Adelaide Hills.

What was really fun was that we arrived to be greeted by a thick blanket of fog.

Pea soup thick.

So there are the two of us, wandering around this huge park with a dodgy map trying to find our way in the fog to the “upper car park”

And yes, we did at one point discover we had walked in a complete circle.

Which was hilarious.

Purpose of the outing was to give hubby a chance to play with his fancy camera.  Despite having owned it since before we went to Thailand, he really doesn’t use it a lot and I want him to be able to take fabulous photos on our next trip.

And so we rambled along the foggy mountain path, stopping to take photos of fog, trees, fog, spider webs, fog, koala butt, fog, kookaburra, fog and more trees.

It was fabulous.

Too many photos to show you here but follow this link to get an idea of our morning outing.

Foggy walk album

I think my favourite though is this one of the spider web bejeweled with morning dew.


But Mr Kookaburra is pretty awesome too
Mount Lofty walk 2015-06-08 057

Koalas, however are highly uncooperative and refuse to pose for photos hence more Koala Butt than Koala face.
Mount Lofty walk 2015-06-08 034

No walks today.  There was house work to be done and when the floors had been mopped and the washing finished, I decided that my hair was looking a little too faded.

Only one thing to do.
Add a touch of pink

Hashtag no photoshop.

Until next time.



141 days…

Nearly 3 weeks and 78 spam comments later and ..

Honey I’m home.


Sorry I am a bit late.

You see, life kinda …happened.

Well work did.  And it is kicking my butt at the moment.

People went on recreation leave, then sick leave and other people resigned and somehow, I went from being a 5 hour a day part-time minion to the stand in 2IC working full-time hours and trying very hard not to appear completely panicked.

And looking back at the last post I can tell you that the opening night of my exhibition was brilliant and I arrived to the sight of a lovely red dot on the grapevine painting.  Finally sold.

2013-12-14 07.19.25

Nothing else has sold yet but with the art on the walls for most of June, I guess there is still time for something to still find it’s forever home.

So  what to tell you.

Its fucking cold.

I hate winter.

Its cold, and damp and grey.

I am having a lazy Sunday, the jobs are done and I have been working on some prep drawings of my next project.

I had my hair done last weekend and took an in-car selfie. (as you do)

Photoshopped for a bit of fun.

Now it has been suggested by several people and encouraged by hubby that I paint it.


Should be a challenge.  But then, everything I tackle has an element of challenge or I wouldn’t do it.

This is done now.  Haven’t decided on a name but I like it.


16″ x 20″ oil on canvas.   For sale if anyone would like it.

Mum’s pup “Toffee” has come to stay for a few days.  The passage is currently barricaded to prevent the great Cat/dog battle which is likely to happen should the Toffmonster venture into MJ’s room.

She is here until Tuesday.  Still chasing that darn ball, when not plotting to bark at the cat.

I thought yesterday as I was driving to art class that it has been a very long time since I did a “what makes me happy” post.  Probably a bit far into this now to really make a long list but here goes.

Sunshine makes me happy, breaking through the mist that hangs over the city on cold winter mornings.

The sound of my son laughing at something while he is using his computer.  Probably a Youtube clip but it is a wonderful sound.

When Big C gets a job interview.  Still to find that elusive full-time job but an interview at least shows people are noticing him.

Time with my friends.  That hello from afar when I need a smile.  Or dinner and a glass of bubbles with a long overdue catch up.

Talking with hubby about our adventure.  Making the plans and talking about what we will do.

Spontaneous date night.

Trying something new, like Vegemite chocolate.  Sounds weird but rather nice I have discovered.

Art class.  Still the perfect happy place.  And just what I needed this week.

For some reason my iPod has suddenly started playing Christmas music…I like Christmas music..but not in May.

Sorted.  A little Adam Lambert now fills the air.

You think I would have more to say after nearly three weeks.

I guess  life isn’t that interesting…



It wasn’t that hard..

to bang a nail or 6 into a cafe wall.

Not sure why I was so panicked.

But I was.  Incredibly anxious about it all.

The weekend was spent taping, wiring, labeling, and wrapping 13 of my best paintings ready to be hung in Lucia’s Spaghetti Bar in the Adelaide Central Market.

Not all of them made it onto the walls.  I ended up only hanging 11 but they look amazing.

I was a little worried about the dark wood paneled walls, but my paintings just seem to pop because of them.

Big C was supposed to help, but he had to work.  I had already asked Miss S and in the end, roped MJ in as well.

And yes, they are friends now and there is only occasional awkwardness when they get together.

Being the control freak I am, I ended up wielding the hammer.  The kids kept busy handing me the dropped nails, and the paintings.

There was a short wait for the last customer to vacate his table to allow us to hang the last three paintings but we got it done in the end.




Thursday night we are having the “official opening” with the paintings remaining on display until the end of June.

So there you go.  This would have to be the biggest step out of my comfort zone that I have done recently.

As I drove the kids home after the job was done, my stomach was still churning with anxiety.  We stopped for icecream at Maccas but it wasn’t until later that evening when I finally felt the stress of the previous few days lift from my shoulders.

My first exhibition is in place.

Who would have thought that when Micael (Rabbit) told me to “Shut up and Scribble just a few years ago, that I would have a room full of my art in the cafe where politicians drink coffee and visiting rock stars and celebs get their breakfast.

It really is pretty cool.

like sand


Minutes drift into hours, hours into days and then another page on the calendar is revealed.

In front of me, it is a nice set of abs on a silver fox of a firefighter, but that is just one of my simpler pleasures perhaps.

I am sitting in my studio, being serenaded by the sound of the washing machine, sipping my coffee and ignoring the mountain of mess in the back room while I take a moment to breathe and assemble my thoughts.

I could say “life has been busy” but life is always busy and as such I am simply stating the obvious.

The roof has been fixed, finally.  The reason for the mountain of mess.  It did seem such a good idea to use the repair of the walk in robe ceiling as a motivator for a grand scale clean out, little knowing that such a monumental chore would require more motivation than I can summon today.  Happily, I can close the door and work on it slowly.

A baby has been born, I have a new nephew, and my oldest has turned 21.  Simple celebrations for both.  I visited the baby.  Took flowers and gifts.  Made the appropriate admiring noises but avoided a cuddle.  He was fussing.  There had been some anxiety.  A long story, no longer relevent.

A family dinner for MJ.  And our personal tradition of breakfast for mother and son.  He had waffles with chocolate and ice-cream.  I had eggs.   No party.  He didn’t want one.

And yes, I feel old

Hubby has spent most of the weekend, including Friday, assisting with an archery tournament being held in the heart of the city. If they don’t shoot straight, it could be the answer to the pigeon problem, although I am fairly sure the city’s birds and others will be perfectly safe.

I am contemplating a wander in to see the excitement of sticks hitting circles but given my mood, that might simply be too hard..although that sunshine is tempting me.  It may just depend on getting that washing done.

My long awaited exhibition plans are finally coming together.  Art will be hung on the 11th May and there will even be an opening on the 14th.  I am yet to tell work that their plans for me to work extra hours on the Monday will need to be changed but for once, I am putting myself first.

Of course, I need to wrangle the kids to help me actually get the bloody things on the walls.  Hubby has used up all his free days and management good-will recently, and wont be able to come and help me bang in required nails, but it surely can’t be that hard to hang a painting or nine.

This is so far out of my comfort zone.  Putting my art up for public scrutiny in one of the oldest and most iconic cafes in Adelaide is both exciting and terrifying.

Hoping I will sell, even just one, would be nice.

But even if I don’t, I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to even display my art like this.

I was back to class yesterday.  Spider declared finished and signed and then I worked on my little waterfall.

Mostly the leaves of the lilies.  Fixing placement, changing shapes, adding light and shade.20150502_115451
More work still to be done while I start thinking ahead for another project.

Minutes in to hours and weeks fade into months.

Less than 6 months now until my trip…


And they danced


Usually, at least lately, Sunday is my day of art.

The day will start with a few loads of washing, a bit of general household chores and then some time in my studio.

But not today.

Oh the washing got done but then we spent the most of the rest of the day with friends, essentially for the boys to do some archery stuff, but with the benefit of lunch and a bit of shopping for us girls.

The city was our destination, and after hearing me talk for the last couple of months about a local American themed cafe east of the city centre it was declared a “pre-trip training day” and lunch consisted of burgers, fries, sweet potato fries and sweet potato fries drizzled with Nutella – an odd combination but surprisingly tasty.



After our glutenous culinary adventure, we headed into the city centre so the boys could measure and check an area in Victoria Square where they are planning an archery event.



To me, this is a somewhat curious choice of venue, but instead of hanging around in the cold, us women, did what we do best.

We went shopping.

A quick walk to the main mall, then a stroll from west to east, stopping at a few shops before heading back to collect the men.

It was a cool but clear day at least.  The rain held off and we even had some sunshine.

With the archery stuff done, our friends decided that it would be fun to return to the cupcake diner to try the desserts.


My key lime pie, while tasty enough, was a touch dry and perhaps I probably should have left it all at just the burger.

Still, it was a really pleasant outing and made more fun with good friends.

It really was a friend filled weekend.

No art class this week as classes are on a term break, but one of my artist friends visited me yesterday and together we priced and catalogued my current stock of completed paintings, ready should I ever get my shit together enough to mount a proper exhibition.

It will make it easier too, should anybody actually want to buy something, to have a price ready.  And I really need to sell some of these canvas as I am simply running out of room to keep them.

 Still working on the spider.

it is getting closer to finished though.


And more work on the little waterfall.  Well last weekend anyway there was painting.  At least these should be dry enough to add to by the time I get back to my studio.
20150412_143359So that’s been my weekend in a nutshell.  Food, more food and much art talk but little actual art.

Less than 200 days now to my big adventure and I go from quiet excitement to sheer moments of panic.

Winter is settling in, work is kicking my butt and life goes on as normal.

Quick, quick, slow, quick and twirl.

It really is all, just a bit of a dance.


April showers

Grey skies and dropping temperatures are seeing off our Easter weekend and the garden is loving the long-awaited rain.

Me, perhaps not so much as it has been a while since I have needed to stop typing and rub my hands against the cold.

I could perhaps pop the heater on, but that would be admitting that Winter is hitting us and I am still not quite prepared to go there yet.

But jeans, jumper and ugg boots are the order of the day and it has been a somewhat lazy last day of my Easter four-day weekend.

Actually the whole weekend has been pretty lazy.  We really haven’t been anywhere and done anything.

There was a lovely lunch on Friday with friends who wanted us to adopt one of their adorable baby long neck tortoises.

I was however strong and stuck to my “no more pets” policy.  And we already have 5 tortoises.  And truly, 5 is enough.

The moon was full and gorgeous, but I think was messing with my moods.  I seemed to have been dealt a couple of deep blue days, and Saturday was an angry teary day.  Hubby was safely out of the firing line, Archery still happening despite the holiday weekend, and he had had his share of crazy bitch the day before.

In the end, the only thing that really lifted my mood was an art supplies sale and some lovely reflexology.  Something about those 45 minutes of self-indulgent self-care that seem to set the world right and the day got a little brighter.

Our clocks went back on Sunday morning, another sign our Summer is behind us, but the day dawned fine and sunny and we enjoyed bbq breakfast on the patio with my parents and in-laws.

A glass or two of bubbly and a good feed of bacon and eggs is always a good way to start the day and left the afternoon free for some work on my spider painting.

2015-04-05 12.46.30

It’s fiddly work and the oils are challenging me, but we are getting there slowly.

Which brings me to today, the last day of my weekend, and the coldest miserable day of the four.

Washing is hung under the patio, out of the weather in a show of optimism and after spending the morning organising my digital photo library (something I somehow was silly enough to start the night before), I headed back in the studio to fiddle some more.

Giving Spidey some drying time, I found this image and remembered that I had thought it might be fun to paint “one day”

2014-09-15 11.48.42

And as there is no day like a rainy day to be a “one day”, I have started the under painting.

Again with the oils.  Probably silly when acrylics would be quicker especially as the temps are dropping but it is what I had on my palette and I was too lazy to set a new one up for fiddling.

2015-04-06 14.30.21

(it will get better, I promise)

So my weekend is almost over, and not a lot has really been achieved.  No idea what dinner might be.  Hubby is out and Big C has a mob of friends currently filling the back room.  Well there is 5 teenagers total,but the sheer volume coming from the room is enough to declare “mob”.

I confess I am leaning a little toward takeaway maybe, although there is chicken snitzel thawing.  (will keep until tomorrow if need be anyway)

So what has filled your Easter weekend?  Did you get time off like we did?

Back to work in the city tomorrow.  Back to the heavier work and the longer drive.  Starting to think it might be time for a change..

Oh and before I go, I showed my Mum her birthday present, the painting of her little dog, and she was just thrilled.

Best feeling ever.


IMG_20150328_105447:nopm:“Throw the ball please”

Oil on canvas   16″ x 20″

Not for sale

Finished on Saturday and now has to dry, which as it is oils, could take a while.

Remember that post a while back?  In which I referred to oils as my nemesis?

Well I am very proud to say that I think I have figured them out and I kinda like them.

Despite the incredibly long time they take to dry.

Still working on the spider and thinking I might even start a landscape over the Easter break.

No set date for my cafe installation yet but it will happen soon hopefully.

Not much else to mention really.

Life is good.  And there is only four days of work this week followed by a four day weekend.

Keep smiling and CW I hope you are starting to feel better.