Thank you Mr Ed and all your racing friends

It is a very nice way to start the day when someone tells you that you are awesome.

It is still early Friday morning.  So early, I am still in my nightgown, with a pretty purple sarong wrapped around for modesty and thinking I should have had breakfast before sitting down at the computer.

Truth be told, I only thought I would pay some bills, but then I did all the social networking stuff, Facebook, Emails and Google + and I guess I got a little sidetracked.

Friday, hooray.

I love Fridays for the fact that after my 5 hour shift I have a weekend to look forward to. (plus I get to drink wine from my Friday glass)

A long weekend this time around.  And the reason we have Monday off?  Adelaide Cup day.

Yep, we get a long weekend because of a horse race.  Not that I am complaining.  Any extra paid day off work is okay with me.

And my plans for the weekend?

Saturday there will be baking.  A mate of ours is turning 50 and what do you get a man who has everything?

Brownies, Afghans and & Chocolate cherry cookies.

His wife doesn’t bake, and this man (like several men in my life) loves my sweet stuff.

So the plan is to arrive at the party on Saturday night with a box full of yummy.  I am sure it will be well received.

As for the rest of the weekend, after all the regular chores are done, I would like to do more work on my secret project and hopefully get some painting done.

The weather is still fiercely hot with a good dose of humidity (high 30’s C) so I might choose to hibernate in the coolness of the girl cave when I can.

I had a request the other day for a new painting.  One of the guys asked me to paint him a doughnut.  It was all a bit of a laugh, but you know me, always up for the challenge.

And when you think about it, how much fun could a painting of a delicious sprinkle doughnut be?  Certainly there would be some challenge.  Lots of curves, and light and shadow.

While waiting for my art class, I got out my iPad and doodled an idea

2013-03-05 21.55.05

Of course I popped it on my Tumblr too and although not as crazy popular as my “cuppa tea”, the doughnut is getting quite a bit of attention making it my 2nd most popular Tumblr post ever.  Ta Dah!!

My art class project of the “fabric print” is now finished, to my conjuring up images and memories of psychedelic 70″s caftans and curtains.

2013-03-05 21.46.57

It was fun to paint and next week we move onto another project.

This weekend there is also plans to check through our camping gear.  There is a road trip planned to visit my best mate and “other hubby” Ty for a few days and we have decided to go budget.  Well our budget decided it but I love camping anyway (really I do) and so we plan the load the car off and head East for Easter.

Kids are happy, they get to housesit so there is plenty of (unfunny) jokes about parties being attempted by Big C.

This time they will get to fend for themselves with the cooking.  No premade lasagna or curry in the freezer.  Thier only request is to leave plenty of chocolate.

I probably should leave some home-made hot cross buns too.  And take some.  Could you imagine the uproar if I arrived on Ty’s doorstep with no buns or bikkies?  It would be hilarious but I think there would be some serious pouting.

Well, as my mother would say, “This isn’t getting anything done” so I really should finish this off and get back to paying bills.

Could get dressed too… meh, plenty of time for that.  Still 4 hours before I have to leave for work

Catch you all over the weekend no doubt,

Keep smiling.   :)



13 thoughts on “Thank you Mr Ed and all your racing friends”

  1. That sounds like a fun weekend you have planned there. Three day weekends are always fun too so you should have plenty of time to get some painting in as well. The doughnut looks pretty good, especially saying it was painted as a bit of a fun dare.

  2. I wonder why they told you that you were awesome? Oh yeah, it’s because you are Mynx! It’s great to see you in such a good mood, hopefully you stay that way for a long time.

  3. I also should be doing so much more than playing on the computer. But here I am. :) Have a great day at work. Hope it goes better than mine did. ;)

  4. I had nfi it was a LWE until Mboy said so the other day!
    Holiday for a horse race…pffffftttt.
    I don’t plan on doing much, either. Too bloody hot!
    Have a great weekend lovely.

  5. Nice start to the end of the week, I know myself the amount of times I think I will only pay so bills and check Facebook for a few minutes only to find before I know it a couple of hours has passed…..

  6. Wait, you get a long weekend because of a horse race? Must figure out how to get that to happen here. lol Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!

  7. You get a day off because of a horse race? That must be a damn important running of the soon-to-be-glue. Or maybe you get the day off because YOU ARE AWESOME! (Don’t tell me you weren’t fishing for that from all of us.)

  8. Camping sounds like fun to me, I am a huge fan of living in the middle of nature. Have fun and I would love to see some photos from your baking :).

  9. It is late afternoon and I haven’t had a single bite to eat yet today. All this baking talk is making me drool…
    Because we are camping right now, there will be no baking. I’m sure I can find something good! It sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Enjoy!

  10. I had to write an article about the whole horseracing season in Australia! I had so much fun with it. Lucky you for the day off!

    You should start a whole Tumblr with just food/drink pics since they’re so popular on your regular one. I’d be the first follower!

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