World Aids Day


Today, December 1st is world AIDS day.

We can not forget that there is still a cure to be found.

People are still contracting  and living with HIV.

People are still dying of AIDS related illnesses.

It hasn’t gone away.

The global theme for this World AIDS Day is Getting to Zero: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS related deaths.


More information regarding World Aids Day can be found here

World AIDS Day – Australia

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20 thoughts on “World Aids Day”

  1. Thanks for bringing attention to this today. I hope a cure is found very soon. It always amazing me that we can put an astronaut out in space, but we can’t cure something so hideous. We need new priorities. :(

    1. Exactly. I was reading an article recently about just how little (comparatively) it would cost to fund research to find a cure so it makes you wonder why they dont

  2. I still remember the words of my first, and forever, “You’re not just screw’n the pooch, Rafi, but literally putting your life in someone elses bum. Don’t let a slick willy weasel it’s way into a dangerous situation.”

    Words to live by…:D

      1. A cure, for sure. Didn’t mean to sound flippant earlier. It’s important to save those with the disease, but equally important to save those without, the heartache of getting AIDS in the first place. Nowadays, random sex about town is like roulette, pull your trigger and pray for a dull and empty CLICK, as the chamber turns.

        Biggest problem in medicine, is that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are sound entwined, they might as well be fornicating. Choosing to mask symptoms, to create a never ending cycle of clients, rather than actually fix the problem. Or so is my two cents on the subject.

        1. I didn’t think you were at all flippant. You are so right. We need to care for those who are living with HIV and continue to educate those at risk

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