2013-12-03 21.19.44

Taking a breath

Some nights it is a bit of “to blog or not to blog” but I feel like catching up and considering the choice of TV is pretty average tonight, it is nice to sit here with my feet up and let the words flow.

I have a big splash of red paint on a knuckle on my left hand. Looks a little like blood to be honest, but it is definitely paint.

I did an hours work on my exhibition piece tonight after spending two hours last night at class.

Still definitely a work in progress but a huge difference from what I have shown you previously.

From This
2013-12-01 12.37.10

to this
2013-12-01 14.07.21

and this
2013-12-03 21.19.30

to this tonight
2013-12-04 19.58.02

Today I sent off the application to the exhibition people and now I just need to get it finished (painted, dry, varnished and ready to hang) by the 17th December.

If accepted, it will be on display from the 20th until some time in January.

Work has gone a little nuts.  With only a handful of weeks until Christmas, people who usually don’t ever go into a post office are finding their way to my counter.  And a lot of them have no idea what to do.

So I am fixing a smile and doing my best impersonation of the perfect customer service  officer which isn’t always easy.

However, something I am genuinely excited about is announcing the winner of my Art for Art Giveaway.

This lovely painting is today on it’s way to the Caribbean.

Giveaway prize?

That’s right,  the winner is Vinny @ As Vinny C’s it.

Congratulations Vinny and thank you everybody who participated.

Now I haven’t forgotten the rest of those questions.  I have decided to do another vlog, which if I get the editing done should be ready by the end of the weekend.  As you can imagine, life is a little hectic at the moment but I will get it sorted.

But for now, I am taking a moment just to veg.

Tomorrow night there is Christmas shopping planned.

Friday, Big C heads to camp and the house will be a little quieter.

And sometime, I really need to put the Christmas tree up..unless I can convince a teenager to do it for me.

Think it might be time for a cuppa tea

Keep smiling  xx

Ps so who noticed that it is snowing on my blog?



15 thoughts on “Taking a breath”

  1. I know the whole having to smile & be polite thing all day all too well. It’s one of the reasons I don’t miss banking. I think that painting will look great in the exhibition. Also, I noticed the snow a few days ago. Just forgot to mention it. Finally… WOOHOO!!! I won! YAH-HAHA!!!


    I mean thanks. I’m honoured.

  2. The detail on the leaves is spectacular. Wow! And yes, it’s snowing on my blog too, now, apparently. And with our freezing temps tonight, it’s almost appropriate! :)

  3. I was at the post office on Friday and there was this very old looking woman who walked in past the queue and up to the counter and when told she had to line up she just stood there looking dumbfounded and wouldn’t move she had to be told a couple of time to get in the queue made me wonder was she that thick or did she think because she was old she could just jump to the front of the line.

  4. The painting does look good. Congrats on the exhibit, I am not sure if I have read about that one yet, I have been off the radar a bit of late.

    We are feeling the Christmas rush and frustration building too. Such a wonderful time of year is it not? ;)

    I can one up you on the Christmas stakes. Our tree is done, and the presents are all done and wrapped too. Not sure what kind of madness attacked me, but I am glad it is done.

    We have a teenage free weekend coming up also…. YEAH!

    Keep smiling beautiful woman. xx

  5. Yay for teenage free weekends.
    Made a good start on the Christmas shopping tonight and the tree was up when I got home so starting to feel a little more organised

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