2013-12-07 14.51.48

So close to finished

Up at 7 am this morning and painting.

Edges and touch ups.

2013-12-09 08.37.45

2013-12-09 08.06.08

And now at 9 am, forcing myself to step back and let it dry.

Time is ticking.  Tomorrow it has to be finished.

And it will be.  Of this I am sure.

Then to let it dry before several coats of varnish.

Of course, the weather has to have changed to cool and rainy.  Not what I need to get this done….

Sunday is D-Day – Delivery day.  Although if I absolutely need to, I can deliver Tuesday at the latest..

Everything I have done this year has been leading up to this painting.  My first entry in an exhibition.

And there is no guarantee it will even make the cut.

But I have done it.  Planned it, painted it and I am happy.

Now I just want to see it on that Gallery wall…

2013-12-08 10.52.44

31 thoughts on “So close to finished”

  1. It’s such an amazing painting, they really must take it. If not, I can’t promise I won’t ask Rafa to give them a verbal thrashing…I hope it doesn’t come to that. ;)

  2. It looks done to me but I suppose that’s why I’m not a painter. Good luck with it. I personally think it looks great and would be a wonderful addition to an exhibition.

    1. It is very very close. I just need the final critical eye of my teacher and class cast over it to ensure nothing looks wrong and then I will sign it

  3. I think this is the favourite piece of mine that I’ve ever seen you do Mynx. Just beautiful and shows how over time you have got better and better at this.

  4. Wow. I love the close up on the banner that really gives you the depth of color that you’re working with. It’s amazing that you had a whole painting I thought stood on its own and then you add all these gorgeous layers. I would have thought that the rain would help you stay indoors and finish, but we all have our own process, right?

    1. It is more that I need the painting to dry quickly as I need to put at least 2-3 coats of varnish on it before I submit it. Some warm days would help that process.
      Usually cool days are better while I am painting as the acrylics really dry fairly fast.
      Never happy us artists lol

  5. Hate to disappoint, but I’m more a tongue lasher than verbal thrasher. That said, my lashings have been know to open…uhm…doors(?)

    I think it’s fabulous as is, and a ringer for a spot on the wall. Nervous is to be expected, but if you’re proud of your work (which you should be) then you have nothing to fear.

    Bask in a job well done…and SMILE:D

      1. Good and evil, PS? I say, two faces of the very same coin… One’s just ass backwards.

        Me?!? I’m a firm believer in paying it forward…from behind, of course (YUMMY: D)

  6. That looks like the best work you’ve ever done. I’m not a painter so I don’t know if this is something you strive for. But the colors are so vivid it looks like a photograph.

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