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Sometimes you gotta check your boobs

Been a few days since I was last here.

In the meantime, Christmas postal chaos kicked in and that combined with a staff member on light duties with an injury, has made life a little hectic.

Last weekend, I took the painting of the Autumn Vines, the one  that had consumed all the rest of my energy, to the gallery ready for it to perhaps be accepted into the Harvest Festival Exhibition.

And being the first time I had entered a competition like this (or any exhibition) I was feeling hopeful but trying not to count my chickens too early.

I had planned while keeping my fingers crossed, that I would be writing this post full of excitement but unfortunately all I can tell you today is that my painting was not accepted for the exhibition as I had hoped.

“Due to the overwhelming amount of entries” was really the only reason I have been given, but such is life, not every venture ends in success.

And yes, I am disappointed. And even a little sad.

But that said, I am proud.
Proud of the painting I produced which I think is one of my best.
And proud of the fact that I stepped out of my comfort zone, ignored the negative voices in my head and had a go.

12 months ago, I would never have had the skills to produce a painting like this one or the confidence to put it up for scrutiny by people unknown.

And although I have shed a few tears, after getting the rejection message, I have been enveloped with the love and support of my family and friends.

So now I am saying, “I tried but maybe this wasn’t what this painting was meant for”

And I will bring it home and hang it on my wall and maybe next year I might paint another painting for another exhibition.

At least now, if someone wants to buy it. I won’t have to share the proceeds with the gallery.

There is only 3 more “get-ups” for work before we can relax a little for a few days.

Monday is my birthday but the celebrations will start Saturday night with good friends.

My painting might not be hanging on a gallery wall for a month, but I have a voucher for a free birthday Burrito, a voucher for Churros with chocolate and 3 cases of wine under the table that the Christmas tree is on.

My Christmas shopping is pretty much done, work is going well and there is French Champagne in the fridge.

Tomorrow is going to be cooler than today.  Dropping from 43 deg C to an almost chilly 38 deg C.

Best of all, I have people who love me and who today helped me find my missing smile  (apparently the first place you should look when missing a smile is in your cleavage)

As for the Gallery, well, I reckon it is their loss.

Because my painting is AWESOME


26 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta check your boobs”

  1. Sorry to hear that it wasn’t accepted. Obviously this gallery is curated by the color blind, because you’re right, that painting is incredible. As a master of rejection (I’ve been rejected like crazy from a thousand publications and playhouses not to mention every single person I ever attempted to date before my spouse, and my current occupation as a grant solicitor comes with a 10 percent acceptance rate, so I am well acquainted with rejection) I can say you have a very healthy outlook on this. And you should be confident, that painting is great. In case I’m not around, I wish you the happiest of birthdays. You’re one of my favorites and most inspirational of bloggers. Cheers to you.

  2. It’s a shame to hear that your painting wasn’t accepted. It’s good to see you like this though. That painting was incredibly impressive and it is their loss. I know someone who even though I love his work, has been rejected before, and he uses his rejections as a badge of honour actually. He doesn’t let it stop him and you won’t let this stop you.

  3. It is awesome and you shouldn’t think twice about that!! That painting is amazing and if you put it up on consignment in shop or restaurant, it would sell quickly!! I have no doubt. There’s always a smile in my cleavage too! Look forward not back!! Smile! Love and hugs my talented friend!! Xx

  4. It is, of course, awesome.

    And think of it this way – you’re in good company. Vincent’s work was largely rejected in his lifetime. He only sold ONE while he was still living – Red Vineyard at Arles.

    So in many ways, you’re already more successful than he.

    Don’t let this get you down. It’s a tremendous accomplishment. Think back to only a few short years ago when someone told you to shut up and scribble.

    You’ve come a long way, baby!

    1. I think the most important thing I have gained from this experience is that I tried. If you had told me that I would even consider putting my painting in an exhibition even 12 months ago, I would have laughed.
      I doubt I would have done it without your support, love and unwavering belief in me.
      Thank you xx

  5. Just what I thought- their loss. Perhaps the idea is to get it in sooner, but if they are lazy checkers, again their problem. Thank you for sharing the experience with us.

  6. WEll…??? Hmmmm….

    On a positive note, it shore is a good thing I didn’t actually bet my bottom you’d get picked… someone might have their hands full with more ass than they can properly handle…man or otherwise.

    Art is such a subjective thing. With limited spots available, making cuts is hard to do. Ten people’s top ten would have ten different outcomes. I’m glad you’re proud of your accomplishment and I know you are bettered by the process. Now?!? Git back on that horse and ride, baby, RIDE:D Art is as much the journey as any fruits that pour forth.

    Cleavage..yeah, yeah…when I’m in need of a good chortle, I just crack my ass and SMILE at the Devil:D

    Be well, be merry…xo a fairey

  7. I have been rejected many, many times. Know what? Years later it has made no difference in my life. It made me a bit stronger and thicker skinned, but it did not change who I am… who my kids are… or where my life is right now.

    Do what you love… and it will work out just fine.

  8. I’m glad you have the celebrations of your birthday and Christmas to focus on. Because IT’S THE BIRTHDAY SEASON!!! You should be eating and drinking and enjoying amazing things. Get on it! ;) Hugs, lady!

  9. And yes indeed it is…I love the colors the vibrance, the warmth… I’ve been rejected a lot with my writing and still am…it’s part of life…you are an amazing artist :) that’s a fact. If u feel like a good read, come and join my giveaway :)…Love.

  10. Ok sorry your painting was accepted they are idiots, just saying, now onto more important things you’re having a birthday now that is exciting, Hope you have a great day, get lots of pressies, and that it is not so hot you feel like you are melting………..oh and have a glass of bubbly on for me

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