Feeling loved

2014-01-06 11.17.47
Obie says “Hi”

“Why wont you get your hair cut?”

“Because Mum, I don’t want to upset it.  If I don’t keep my hair happy it might up and leave me, like Dad’s did”

Words of wisdom from a 19 yr old son

The week has started so wonderfully.

Not one but two parcels with my name on them in the letter box when I checked on Monday.

I was up and about early.  A trip to the bank required to gather documents needed before Big C sits his learner driver test.

Easily accomplished and soon home with a huge dose of curiosity as to what was in those wonderful packages.

One I was allowed to open straight away.  A stunning calendar from my beautiful friend PS.  Images of Arizona now adorn my kitchen wall and tonight I wrote my first date in – dinner for Hubby’s birthday at a local seafood restaurant on the 18th.2014-01-06 10.20.13

The other, I had to wait.

My choice and part of a promise extracted from the dear friend when he told me he was sending it.

I was only going to open it when he was “with” me.

Now considering he lives half a world away in Texas, there was only one way to do this.

With the magic that is Skype.

If you had told me 20 years ago, that one day I would be sitting in my pink fluffy dressing gown, opening a gift in front of my iPad so I could share the experience with my friend in another part of the world, I would have thought you completely mad.

But that is what I did and it was wonderful.

Completely spoiled with beautiful personal gifts of art and even a gecko.2014-01-07 08.24.45

So very very lucky and so very happy.

And the best gift of all?

Seeing him smile as I opened his gifts.

Modern technology is awesome.

Unlike government bureaucracy..which is annoying.

For as long as anyone can remember, when a person wants to get their learner’s permit, you learn the road rules, grab your ID and then rock up when you feel confident to tackle the long list of multiple choice questions before (if you get enough right) you hand over the hard earned and then get a chance to do the really serious and scary part of learning to drive.

Until now.

We discovered today that now they would like you to make an appointment to sit your test.

No drama really assuming that you could make it over the phone or online…


You have to attend in person to MAKE the appointment and pay for your test at that time.

And if you are like us, and actually have to work your appointment around work and stuff, it means coming back a 2nd time, 24 hours later to sit the test.

Poor Big C

2nd day hauled out of the comfort of his bed earlier than his usual holiday wakeup of midday  and all ready to sit his test only to have to do it all again tomorrow.

And let’s hope he passes first pop or else we have to go through the whole appointment thing again.

No just doing the test again straight away like his brother was able to do.

Oh well, guess we will cross that bridge when/if we come to it.

Time for art (and some more wine…yes yes it is only Tuesday but it is a bloody good red..despite being Victorian)

Ok, this is a little different from the other day.  I am liking it’s simplicity and slight abstract feel.

Where to from here?  Not sure, I guess inspiration will happen at some time.

2014-01-04 15.51.25

For now, I will let it sit.

And that’s ok too

22 thoughts on “Feeling loved”

  1. What!?! What is the point of forcing people to make an appointment in person? Is it just that they want to create the most inefficient process possible? In addition to having disgruntled employees, they want to have disgruntled customers as well?
    On the positive side, at least there’s Skype, the only thing The Jetsons got right.

    1. The employees are as annoyed by it all as the customers. Ridiculous system.
      But Skype wonderful, especially with a special friend on the other side of the camera

  2. The runaround to get your licence here is really bad too. And, no, nothing’s online. It’s part of the reason I’m 35 and still have gotten around to getting mine yet. Well, that & I never liked driving. Sadly, it looks like my rebellion against society’s confines as it comes to driving may be coming this year. I held out as long as I could.

  3. Modern technology is really amazing.
    Driving test thing, our missy discovered that for herself a few weeks back. So bloody long winded and expensive. She had to wait several days before she was able to fit it in around work. But thankfully she past.

    Good luck Big C

    1. I understand the actual driving test, but the theory learners test? They have a wall of computers and it only takes a short while.
      Seriously making somethng simple into a trial

  4. I like your “blank ” canvas. Technology can be nice.
    Paying for a driving test? They don’t do that here. My daughter had to take her permit test many times before she passed. She couldn’t do it on the computer. Finally she made an appointment to do it orally and she passed.
    If she’d take driver’s ed, she’d be able to skip taking that test again as well as the driving. But she doesn’t want to. If she waits til 18 to get her license she doesn’t need driver’s ed.
    I hope your son passes his first time. Stay relaxed, that is the key.

    1. He did pass thankfully and now the fun starts with getting him his driving hours up.
      Your system sounds very different to ours and I hope your daughter gets her license ok,
      So hard having to constantly play taxi for them

  5. Don’t you just love teenage wisdom? ;-) And that sounds like something one of my nephews would say, too!

    Two parcels? Lucky girl :-D Modern tech certainly has its uses.

    Government b.s. is the same regardless of what part of the world one lives in. Good luck to Big C, hope he passes.

    One can never go wrong with wine. But with as cold as it’s been here the last 2 days, I’m opting for a bit of Irish Cream in my coffee instead. ;-)

    1. MJ comes out with the funniest things sometimes although I have a feeling that if he is meant to go bald it will happen whether he cuts his hair or not

  6. I’m a day late to this post so I already know the outcome for Big C but that doesn’t mean I don’t think the process is ridiculous. It just as crazy here. In order to get my Florida license I had to get a copy of my marriage license. Remember that I’m widowed 8 years now so that makes no sense to me. That cost me $50 and when I brought it in they didn’t even read it. It could have said Jane Doe. Grrrr! You can also bet there will be Skype in our future as well.

  7. Wow. That is the worst way to make an appointment. If you call our DMV, you’re lucky if you can manage to get a live person. BUT you can make an appointment any which way you wish. That’s just absurd – forcing people to make an appointment in person. Sheesh.

  8. Each time I started to type Blain would start to rub my shoulders and I would forget what I was doing, oh well what was I going to say, oh yeah that painting looks kind of peaceful, and yeah I prefer early morning appointments I like to get things over and done with.

  9. I think that your son and my step son (also 19) are separated at birth. Ours, however, made his appointment, got his permit, then let the stupid thing expire (after TWO years) and then had to go get another one. *sigh* kids…

  10. “Modern technology is awesome. Unlike government bureaucracy..which is annoying.”

    That is so very true, Mynx. I couldn’t have said it better if I had tried.

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