Seeing light at the end of the tunnel

Struggling with motivation and inspiration, it feels a bit like the creative gods have deserted me at the moment.

I suspect it has something to do with feeling a bit blue with a touch of cabin fever from 2 weeks at home resting.

Bored of sitting and yet unable to get the paints to go right the way I want them.

As for blogging,


sitting staring at the walls for a fortnight really doesn’t lead to entertaining storytelling.

Believe me, I am even boring myself.

and pity my poor Facebook mates.

Especially the arachnophobic ones..and no, I wont subject you here to another picture of a big hairy spider.

You get a praying mantis

2014-01-25 08.31.02Art wise,

well, I started a new seascape…and seem to have hit a wall no longer looks like this by the way, but I am not showing you what it does look like until I fix it.

2014-01-21 11.47.22

Art classes started again.  Mixed feelings to be facing a full term of abstract work..fees are paid though so I will tough it out.  Perhaps it will be better than I am expecting.

No paints first week.  Cutting and pasting to get the feel of “colour fields”

2014-01-21 21.20.00 2014-01-21 21.20.10

And today.

Trying to push through the creative blah and after a couple of false starts and a pile of wasted paint I have this.2014-01-25 15.08.58

Thank goodness I go back to work Tuesday and hopefully my brain starts to work again.

I am still limping a little…it will take a while but I am sure I can work and the doctor has cleared me.

And next time you hear from me,


life with be more normal

whatever normal is anyway





13 thoughts on “Seeing light at the end of the tunnel”

  1. That’s the paradox of cabin fever- all the time you never have to do things, none of the motivation to do them. I think you are right though- I think the stress of day-to-day really helps. The creative is a way to get those stresses out. Thus, no stress, no creativity.

  2. Here’s wishing you an even speedier recovery. I can totally understand getting cabin fever and that leading to feeling blah. You’ll get on your feet soon, back to normal life. Thank you for sparing us the hairy spiders.
    I really like the wine glass piece. The color choice is great.

    1. I was thinking of you when I decided to leave the page spider free.
      Although, I cant promise no spider art…especially when it is a piece I have just sold

  3. I’m with Pickleope – thank you for the absence of spiders.

    Glad to hear to the doctor has cleared you to go back to work. There’s not much worse than cabin fever. Especially injured cabin fever.t

  4. Be careful on that foot at work, make sure you sit when you can. It must be praying mantis week. We had one too, beautiful she was. She ended up laying eggs, so hubby as the nature man he is, will be looking after them until they hatch. Then he will let them go.

    Being stuck at home is no fun, especially when you can’t get about.

    Go for a swim, and just close your eyes… will still be here when you get back.

    The abstract art looks difficult and complex actually. Do you find it harder to do?

    HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY too by the way. ;)

    Have a great week back on the 9-5 train. :D

    1. No, I dont make a good invalid so I was more than ready mentally to go back to work or at least I thought. 1st day back was rough but it has been getting better

  5. Yeah I had no motivation to blog over the weekend but that was more due to the fact that I didn’t have a table or desk to sit at and had to stand to use the laptop I tried to balance it on my lap but for some reason it didn’t feel very comfortable so I just didn’t bother.

  6. I get cabin fever all the time. Being hurt, just makes it worse, because you really can’t go anywhere. I feel your pain. Well, maybe not the pain, but the cabin fever. The art work is looking good.

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