2014-01-26 15.41.54

Limping along

39 spam comments are a pretty good indication that it has been a few days since I popped in here and tended to this poor neglected corner of cyberspace.

4th day back at work today and I confess, it has been tougher than I expected.

No pain really, just a bone tiredness from standing and walking so much more than I have in the past few weeks.

And yes, I am nursing the leg as much as possible, but life goes on and stuff needs to be done.

Weather is heating up again, another week of 40 deg C + temps coming our way so the air conditioning will be working overtime, and the pool will certainly be getting used.

Highlight of this week had to be the sale of my chicken paintings plus an extra one done just for fun for the “chicken mama” who was my buyer.

She is a bit of a mad one, and coaxed me into painting a spider,  and as it is officially art,  arachnophobic friends please forgive me.

2014-01-27 11.56.39Hey, if someone wants to pay me real money to paint a spider…..

Tuesday was art class and stage one of our “colour field” abstracts.

2014-01-28 21.08.04The first an exercise in primary colours

2014-01-28 21.08.10This one is using analogous colours (bonus points if you know what that is)

And the third will be monochromatic with one other colour

2014-01-28 21.08.23We have 4 more weeks to work on them, adding layers and depth with glazing techniques.

So far not terribly challenging but I am hoping I will still learn from this project.

As for other works in progress, I am doing a rethink on my seascape and am tempted to rework it completely.

Probably not this weekend though.  Too hot and too busy with a family lunch planned for Sunday.

In other news, I am running away from home…

Not until September.

But I am already excited.


15 thoughts on “Limping along”

  1. The art looks great as usual. Your leg should be fine once it really gets used to being moved around and everything again. Just give it a little more time. It’s good to hear you’re back at work too. I know how frustrating it was getting for you to be stuck at home. The mother of a friend of mine recently injured her elbow and won’t be able to work for about two weeks. She’s probably going to go insane. As is my friend.

  2. Analogous colours are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. POINTS! I apologize for all the spam comments, but I have to unload all these penis pills I was tricked into buying. Glad you’re back at work and limping along. It’s great that you not only sold your paintings but also were commissioned for another one. That’s great. Soon enough, some rich person will come along and give you a residency.

    1. So confess, did you google it?
      I guess you could call the spider a commission although for me it was more of a challenge with no commitment to even do it.
      It is pretty cool to actually sell stuff

  3. Keep resting that leg as much as you can. The pool will help. I have no idea what the art could be?? I like spiders…this one reminds me of one we had in the bathroom. Is it a Huntsman?

    Stay cool.

  4. I know a couple of people who would get a little freaked out by your spider… *evil chuckle*

    But, alas, I don’t have the time to spend on such a pursuit as I’ve been busy filling out job applications all week long.

    When I twisted my ankle last summer, it was probably a good 6 weeks before I could use it comfortably. It’s inconvenient, I know, but it’s getting there. :-)

    Your art class projects are looking good. I really like the monochromatic one. I may take a break from job hunting this weekend and do some sketching; been spending far too much time on the computer the last few days.

  5. Oh i am so sorry you’re suffering my dear. I hope your leg will get better sooooon, so that you can resume practicing your lovely art. I could send you some freezing air to cool you down and you could send me a bucket of warmth in exchange:)))). It’s freezing here in Eastern Europe.

  6. I love the spider painting, even if one that looks exactly like that bit the wife and almost killed her. But what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger or something like that, right?

    Also, all that spam just means you’re popular, so I guess it’s a backhanded compliment to your blogging abilities?

  7. Congrats on the sell! I’m sure that feels good. I’m sorry about your leg. I’m behind here so I don’t know what happened. I’m going backwards here and I’ll know soon enough.

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