Art Frenzy

Kinda like a feeding frenzy but less blood and more paint.

Too hot today for Hubby to go to archery so I ignored the fact that he was hanging around the house and put the aircon on in the girlcave and got out the paints.

Despite the fact that I originally had no intention of doing any work at home on the current class “colour field” project, I had had a thought about one and decided to have a play.

This one has gone from this,

2014-01-28 21.08.04

to this

2014-02-04 21.04.43

and now finally this.

2014-02-08 10.26.02

I say finally, because I am calling it. I am bored with it and I just want it done.

To be completely honest, the topic of this term’s classes (colour field painting/abstracts) has underwhelmed me and I really just want to get it over and done with.

I still have two small abstracts left to fiddle with at class on Tuesday but I can’t see it taking more than half the class before I have finished those too.

I might need to take one of these two to work on while the others finish theirs.

The beach scene is progressing slowly.  More work on the water and wave line today but still a long way to go before this one is finished.

2014-02-08 11.41.46

Rather than rush it, I decided to give it some drying time and pulled out this colourful oldie.

2013-08-06 21.05.25

Started when we were looking at the Fauves in class last year, it lost momentum and never got finished.

I like the composition still, despite the fact that the colours are just not doing it for me, so I decided to rebirth it in more realistic colours.

2014-02-08 13.38.45

Still a long way from being finished but already much better than what was before, I think.

2014-02-08 14.20.11

Quiet Saturday night planned for Hubby and I.¬† (Me and Hubby, whatever is grammatically correct…)

Kids are both out having a better social life than their parents so we are indulging in fish and chips and whatever is on the tv. (could be the Olympics maybe)

You never know, this slacker might even get her blog reading done…

Shopping for art supplies with my favorite girl tomorrow when the weather is expected to be much cooler.

But right now, it appears to be wine o’clock.

Happy weekend everyone  :)



22 thoughts on “Art Frenzy”

  1. Selfishly, I’m sad you aren’t liking the abstracts class, because I love your abstracts and your color choices. Don’t get me wrong, I really like what you did with the Fauves landscape painting too. You really have knack for color, so I guess I can understand why you’re bored with the class, because you’re already a natural. Glad you’re getting back on your artsy feet both figuratively and literally.

    1. I do like doing abstracts but it is a little frustrating knowing I am paying for classes but really feel like I am not learning anything that I dont already know.
      And it is sooooo dragged out. 6 weeks when really half that would be enough (and I am not the only one who is thinking this)

  2. I like what you’ve done with the landscape.

    On a side, how exactly does one go about ignoring his/her spouse when they’re both at home & one doesn’t like to be left up to her-I mean- his/her own devices? I’m asking for a friend.

    1. Hmmm, tough one. All I know is my hubby happily will go do his own thing which usually is snoozing in the recliner while I do my painting.
      Saturdays he is usually out of the house so if he is home, he knows to leave me to what I have planned to do.
      Of course we have been married 22 years so that might make a difference

  3. I really, really like the third, final, picture in your color contrast. I love how it goes from black to popping in color. I’m all about the beach, so naturally, I like that one too.

    Also, it’s funny to hear you talk about turning on the A/C while I’m here freezing!

    1. It is sooo hot this week. Record breaking temps actually.
      Thanks for the positive stuff with the abstract.
      I am happy with the result. No point continuing to fluff with it when it tells you it is done

  4. Yeah, I never quite got the point of abstract art. Surrealism, yes, impressionism most definitely. You can do so much with light and color beyond what a photograph would capture, but I like something to grasp hold of that forms an image, and abstract just doesn’t do that for me.

    BTW – if you’re struggling with grammar and “X and I” v. “X and me”, the trick is to imagine the sentence without the “X” in it and go with whichever makes sense. You wouldn’t say “…a quiet night planned for I”, it’s obvious it should be “me”, so “Hubby and me” or “me and Hubby” would be correct. The trouble is, some folks think it’s posh to always say “I”.

    1. Abstracts for me have always been a great way to play and experiment and try different techniques so I think my problem with doing them in class is the feeling that I am not really learning.
      I can see the benefit for people who havent tried them before, a good way to learn colour interaction.
      I just dont need to be doing them for weeks and weeks

  5. I can’t manage to “art” when the hubby is around! I like your abstract paintings, esp. the first one! There’s so much movement and emotion in it (well, maybe not for you, but I see it!) Your landscapes are just gorgeous as well. I’m envious of your talent!

    1. I usually art when he isnt home and when he is, he is smart to stay out of my way.
      I guess it is hard to explain what it is that is frustrating me about the abstracts. I think it is that I am not finding them much of a challenge.
      And if I am going to be doing classes, I want to be challenged

  6. I understand what you mean. I’m a guy who likes details, and abstract art is cool, but definitely not for me. At least you’re trying a whole bunch of different styles so you can see what you love and what you don’t. That has to count for something.

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