It’s all about colour

I think I might have given a few of you the idea that I don’t like abstracts much.

Truth be told, I do actually love them.

I love the colour interaction and the fact they are so open to interpretation and letting your imagination do the work.

And since I have been painting, I have dabbled in abstracts.

Usually when I have just been experimenting with techniques and sometimes just when I have paint I don’t want to waste.

So  you would think that I would be thrilled to bits about doing abstracts in class.

And I was ok with it, until I realised that it was going to be the focus of the whole 9 week term.

Now I have grumbled about some of the projects last year, but I was still learning with each challenge and when each painting was finished, I was usually thrilled to have really accomplished something.

But now 4 weeks in, with 5 still to go, I have 3 completed paintings that I just feel really nothing for.

I have done what I have been asked.  Used the techniques and painted in the style required.  Even experimented a bit.

I just don’t feel I have been challenged or even learned anything new yet.

And the paintings are ok.  Some of you might even like them.

According to the class program though, I should still be working on them for another 2 weeks…..



Good thing I have something else I can do eh?

I have made my feelings known now, both to my teacher and the principal of the school.

Hoping now, that I am not the only one finding this all a bit of a walk in the park and perhaps the Principal might rethink the final project – another larger abstract.

My teacher is wonderful, but she can only do what she is told to do, even though she knew before I told her, that I am finding the class …let’s just say ..less than a real challenge.

I would take next week off, but I have paid for the class, and with a couple of others already indicating that they will be missing, it is a good opportunity to work on a landscape with the help of my teacher.

So I will pack my art bag, include some smiles and good attitude and certainly encourage the others who are still battling with their own abstracts.

I showed you the first completed one last post.

Here are the other two.

2014-02-11 20.35.20

2014-02-11 20.35.27

As with most of the paintings I do, if you love it and would like it in your home, just let me know and I am sure we can crunch numbers and make it happen.

These are 10″ x 10″ so an easy enough size for posting.

After record-breaking heat, it rained today.  A big dump that flooded roads and gave the garden a good soaking.

Bit like how hubby’s mobile phone got a soaking when it fell in the turtle pond last night.

Good news though, after 24 hours in a bowl of rice, it still works.

Other news, the spider that was in my studio is now in residence in the boy’s bathroom, currently on the wall behind the loo.

Big C has taken to using another toilet.

Oh and I am sporting a little mark on my hand after Obie (my granbaby snake) got a little startled and bit me when I was holding him.  He is getting better at being held and just got a little freaked so no hard feelings despite the blood.

Think that is about all the random news from here at the moment.  Almost the weekend and next week I am off work so that will be awesome.

For now though, I need to go and ice a chocolate cake ready for tomorrow.

Cause it isn’t Friday without cake, now is it?

16 thoughts on “It’s all about colour”

  1. Glad to hear it’s the class and not the subject, because look at those two paintings! They’re great! I always wondered if the bowl of rice trick worked for a soaked phone. Guess it does. Glad I didn’t have to test it myself. Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. It’s not that bad to be unchallenged by your class. Take it as a nice reminder, or something like that, that you’re better than you thought you were. I can understand the frustration you’re feeling though. It seems a bit silly to do something for so long when you’ve already finished it. I hope that they can change things around, and you feel better about everything.

    1. Excellent question. For me it is either when I am bored with it or it just looks right. The balance of colour and shapes is right and appals to the eye

  3. Sounds to me like you are finding your artistic voice and figuring out what kind of artist you really are. I can very much relate to your feelings as abstract art is not my thing either. :)

    1. Abstract to me is more about experimentation and impulse rather than technical planning. I am sure some artists plan an abstract in advance but I would rather just build it with intuition I guess. Telling us to kep painting over what we dont think works to me is just wasting paint

    1. Obie is getting less bitey. I am still just a little unused to handling him so when he got scared he reacted.
      We will figure each other out I am sure.
      I would love to have a pet lizard..maybe one day

  4. Ohhhhh ouch. I must say that I would not be able to hold a snake knowing that it might bite.

    I love the positive attitude to the art class.

    What is the subject for next term?

    1. Haha and yet you hold your cats? All the cats i have ever had will bite just to get attention lol
      Seriously, he i still getting used to being handled and I was the one at fault by scaring him accidentally. We will have cuddles again some time.
      As for next term,,,well that still needs to be discovered. There might not be a next term if they dont give me a proper outline before I pay up

  5. These paintings are very abstract and VERY good. I’d say you like abstract… We’ve had to use the rice trick a few times around here also.

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