A day of stairs and discovery

I think we have heard it said that to be a writer, you need to read and so I think it must follow that to be an artist you need to see art.

Art done by other people.

Of course you can sit in front of a screen and watch the YouTube and wander the world wide web or you can get out of the house and go find art.

Finding art  is awesome and very often a very inexpensive adventure.

Yesterday was the first day of my two-week break and although I didn’t plan it to coincide, there is a festival in town.

The Adelaide Fringe.  An annual affair and probably more about comedy and theater but there is also a visual art component that really only requires some time, comfortable shoes and perhaps a fondness or at least tolerance for some stairs.

Well the stair part is probably optional given that there were lifts but who can resist climbing a sweeping marble staircase in pursuit of some awesome paintings?

Now being stingy, I decided that parking in the city was extravagant so my first adventure was parking just out of the CBD and catching the tram into the shopping precinct.

Easy on the pocket and so much less stressful than parking in the heart of the city.

My companion in my art adventuring was MJ.  His Uni year hasn’t started yet and with the promise that we would also visit bookshops and comic book stores, he was happy to come along for the ride.

It was a glorious day, weather wise.  Clear and sunny without being over hot.

I had made a list of places that promised little exhibitions and so we wandered.

Coffee shop first.  Then a bookshop to find what I hope will be a perfect gift for a friend.

The first flight of stairs, down to the anime/manga shop.  We were hunting for Buffy comic books.

The onward down the mall to the Adelaide Arcade.  One of my favorite places full of history and quirky shops.

Adelaide Arcade - ok this is an old photo from Christmas but you get the idea
Adelaide Arcade – OK this is an old photo from Christmas but you get the idea

Up the stairs to the balcony level to discover an artist who both works with woven textiles and paints using silicon for texture.  Lovely girl who I have a feeling may spend a whole lot of the day waiting for people to discover her little space.  It is certainly not a high traffic location compared to downstairs.

It also appeared that Monday is a quiet time in the arcade with another couple of exhibition spaces closed until Wednesday.

Back downstairs and onto another comic book store before a lunch stop, the chosen food court…downstairs.

After eating and having done the shopping we wanted, we decided the town hall and it’s promised art display was the next on our list.

Side tracked briefly by the new city library – down a lane and then three floors up (we took the lift) – we spent a few minutes watching three D printing and admiring the layout before heading back down stairs and yes, this time we walked the stairs.

Reaching the town hall, it was up (yes up) the marble staircase to enjoy a wonderful selection of portraits.  Some historical and some more hysterical but all of them definitely interesting to this little black duck who still finds the whole portrait thing a little intimidating.

2014-02-17 13.22.26 2014-02-17 13.21.31

Next stop was north again.  A side street off a road I haven’t wandered down for a while.

A most unusual workspace.  Complete with a teepee and a cubby house, “The Hub” promotes itself as a collaborative workspace.  Something I had never heard of and it was kind of weird to be wandering around people working in this funky office type environment simply to look at amazing art.

The artist was Samantha Tipler and I fell in love with her bold colours and imagery.  (her facebook page – screamcreativeart  )

2014-02-18 12.36.43

So reluctantly I dragged myself away before people started thinking I was some sort of art stalker and we headed back downstairs to street level and back out into the sunshine.

Feeling the need for afternoon tea, MJ led me to a delightful waffle shop where he treated me to waffles with fresh fruit and icecream.

2014-02-17 13.57.28

Another new experience for me.

Last stop before heading back to the car was the pop-up gallery of the phenomenal skin illustrator (body painter), photographer, artist Emma Hack


Go here and look.  seriously.  Take a moment to check out her art.  I think you will be happy you did.

I was pretty tired when we finally got home and very happy to put my feet up.

I have lived in Adelaide pretty much all of my adult life and yet, I am still discovering  amazing places that once I would have walked right past.

It is pretty exhilarating to have an adventure, a day of discovery in your home town and all it really cost was $4 for all day parking and a bit of lunch.

It was great to spend time with MJ too.  Art might not be his thing but I think he enjoyed it all too.

Especially the waffles.  They were a definite highlight and worth a return visit some time.

As for my art.

Still working the beach and the river scenes.

2014-02-16 14.24.52 2014-02-15 15.12.34

And Sunday morning I managed this little quicky.

2014-02-16 11.00.34This is a huge post and if you have got to this point without giving up, I thank you.

Tummy rumbling so I better go have lunch

Hugs and smooches friends   xx






11 thoughts on “A day of stairs and discovery”

  1. When you say that people were working in The Hub while you were wandering around looking at art, do you mean they were working on art, or are they working on general office things? This is my first exposure to the work of Emma Hack. It is great. I wonder how bad her subjects feel when they have to take a shower.

    1. That was the crazy thing. It was this big almost fully open space area with guys in suits working on computers and there were other little rooms with signs up like “computer security inc” (or something). It was office space rather than studio although I have never seen an office with a teepee and hammock
      I imagine if you were a remote worker or a small business it would be an alternative to traditional office space.
      As for Emma Hack, it proves that art doesnt have to last a hundred years to be incredible

  2. I love her work… body art is amazing. I have a friend who does it (and well, he’s done many magazines), it’s such a challenging medium.

    And the waffle looks as if it was a work of art in itself. :)

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