2014-02-21 14.25.32

Abstract expressionism..seriously?

Shhh, can you hear that?

No not the soft tones of George, John, Paul and Ringo currently crooning from my iPod but the sound of a male free zone?

So quiet in my house right now.

And for most of the day I expect.

Each of them out doing stuff they want to do, leaving me home doing what I want to do.  Sadly without a car to go anywhere but there is art to be done and quite possibly extreme lazy moments ..

And time to contemplate.

I said a few months ago that I had the unshakeable feeling that 2014 would be a year of change, particularly with work.

Now I have to be careful, work is getting more and more paranoid that we might use social media to cast them or our work mates in a bad light so you will not be seeing many more mentions of my work and what will be happening, just in case.

But change is confirmed and will be happening, it is now just a matter of when.

So let’s stick to art, I would prefer to think about that anyway.

Last week was interesting at class as I was able to talk to my teacher about how I wasn’t really all that excited about doing ANOTHER abstract to finish the term.

And she said I didn’t have to if I didn’t want to.

Which of course, because I am crazy, started me wondering if I did, what would I do.

A couple of other things she had said to me through the evening, while helping me work the beach painting also stuck in my head and Wednesday, the cogs were turning and I was thinking that there was some magic involved.

Contrary Mary as I am, with somethings I need to make up my own mind.

So I painted.

And layered

and added circles

and more circles

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All while deciding if I wanted to recreate it or do something else on a larger canvas.

I am pretty happy with it.

But I don’t want to do it again.

In the midst of making this decision, I received an email from the school asking us to re-enrol for next term ASAP as demand for places what high  (there are still 4 more weeks before this term ends).

And given my mixed feelings about this term’s theme and projects, I decided to ask for more information.

And the response did not excite me.

moving further into Abstract Expressionism following on from the  learning achieved through Colour Field exploration and painting.

Oh great, more of the same, was my first reaction.

And re-enroling for next term seemed so much less compelling.

After all, I like abstracts, but when I googled Abstract Expressionism and a whole pile of stuff came up about Jackson Pollock and others, I can’t say I was jumping on the couch with excitement.

There has been another email since, with a little more actual information and a little less blah blah so I am going to try to remain a open-minded until at least I get a chance to talk to my teacher as I am now wondering from an image they provided, if perhaps they mean Abstract Impressionism as opposed to Abstract Expressionism (yes, two completely different styles from what the Google Gods tell me).

Abstract Impressionism would  interest me more, given that it can be used for landscapes and still life work.

So stay tuned…

After doing another “Fringe Art Crawl” yesterday and crossing another 3 exhibitions off my list, I also found another couple of local places that do art classes and workshops so there is definitely options out there.

Something else I did yesterday which I plan to finish today..maybe

2014-02-21 10.58.07

I don’t draw enough so I am happy with my progress on this.

I do find it is an excellent way to channel my thoughts though, so I need to pick up the pencils more often.

Which I really should do now.

But first coffee….

10 thoughts on “Abstract expressionism..seriously?”

  1. First, what is that a picture of in your banner? Love that.
    I’ll have to consult Lord Google to figure out the Impressionism/Expressionism difference. Hopefully you got to enjoy your you time.

    1. It is an artwork in a garden of a winery I went to on my art crawl, Isnt it both creepy and awesome?
      Sorry to get all confusing with at speak. I am not sure there is a huge difference apart from maybe splashes and dribbles vs paintings that as least are recognisable as still life or landscape.
      I just dont want to do more splashes and dribbles. No real challenge in that

  2. That abstract painting turned out really well. I like it. With that said, I’m still more of a fan of things that I can discern – more than just shapes and colors. I hope you find a class that suits you, entertains you, and more than that, properly challenges you!

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