5.30 pm Friday 16th May 2014, I turned the key in the lock of the front door of my little post office and with a definite “click” closed that door for the very last time.

2014-05-16 17.34.30

Five years, multiple staff changes and then it all ended.

The shop stripped bare of everything, bins full and over flowing and a thick air of sadness that our little team, so recently come together, would be disbanded as each of us have been sent to different offices.

Did I cry? Absolutely, on and off all day.  It was so hard not to.

Customers would come in just to say good-bye, and even though there had been signage on the door and counter for nearly 6 weeks, we still had people expressing shock that their local post office and the staff they had come to know, would no longer be a convenient option.

That was a word we heard a lot of in the lead up to the doors shutting.

“But this is so convenient”

For that is what upset most of the customers when we told them that we were closing.

They could lose the convenience of a quiet post office with easy parking close to their home/business.

There was a lot of ranting about it.

The other most popular word was “why”.

I lost count of how many times I would spin the line of “corporate decision, future planning, blah blah” and in the end all I could do is agree that yes, it sucks, all while knowing that they would all survive the change, just as I will.

In the end, it is really is just what it is, an inconvenience.

I still have a job.  Perhaps even with new opportunities ahead.  Certainly a change from what I have been doing.

No, I didn’t choose to have my life and routine changed but I think I may have been overdue for some new challenges.

My co-worker remarked that we were lucky to have had the team we had to work the final week, suggesting it could have been much worse with the previous Manager, and I certainly agreed.

And with gifts of flowers and plenty of hugs we left the building, knowing we wouldn’t work there again,  but looking forward to new experiences.

It is done, no more tears over what can not be changed.

2014-05-16 17.45.10

So Saturday dawned, alcohol hangover free as post work wine consumption was limited to only one glass, but still with a flat wrung out feeling consuming me.

To be expected I suppose, and when the family all chose to do their own thing, leaving me to the chore of grocery shopping on my own, well I decided that the afternoon would be renamed “selfish Saturday” and I left them to fend for themselves while I headed to my happy place – “The City”

Yep, retail therapy combined with a Thai massage was the prescription needed to lift my spirits

And the universe (well, that is what I am saying) agreed as I scored free lunch and coffee.

2014-05-17 13.07.44

As I stopped by my sister-in-law’s cafe’ for some pasta sauce, and a quick hello, I was given a fabulous freshly made baguette, that was rejected by a customer when she mistakenly put the wrong cheese on it, and then when I went to order a coffee to go with it…her aunt refused to take my cash.

Spoiled I am, it was delicious.

After the massage, it was into the Mall for some fun shopping.

I had shoes on my mind,  winter boots in something other than boring black.

And I found them, although my heart sunk at the price.

2014-05-17 14.41.59

More than I really expected and I was very unsure whether I wanted to indulge.

Luckily, I guess, that decision was made easier when they didn’t have my size.

Lots more window shopping, a chat with a friendly passing robot who complimented me on my coordination of hair colour and outfit and the discovery of a rather fabulous door down a laneway all added up to a rather full afternoon, despite not buying the boots.

2014-05-17 14.35.03

2014-05-17 15.03.01

(This post is getting rather long…)

Okies, quick finish, fabulous dinner out with friends finished Saturday on a high note, even if I did slip on the cafe floor and descended gracefully (?)  down onto my butt as I headed to the ladies room..and no, I wasn’t pissed.  It takes more than one cocktail and one glass of wine to make me falling down drunk.

Talking wine, MJ bought me home a gift from a Uni thing he went to.

A white wine appreciation kit . Worth noting, I don’t usually drink white wine and there is no wine in a wine appreciation kit.

2014-05-18 12.55.47


Just little bottles of stuff you sniff so you can learn the tricks to being a proper “wine wanker”.

Ok, probably lots more I could ramble about but this post is already a couple hundred words longer than it should be.

Art to finish.

2014-05-13 20.32.49

And I am done





23 thoughts on “Debrief”

  1. I’m glad you’re taking good care of yourself. The wine thing actually sounds interesting to me, but I’m convinced with my wacky tastebuds, I’ll never be a decent wine wanker. And the boots would have been justified for all the stress you’ve been through. I’m sorry they didn’t have your size. Hugs, my friend. :)

    1. Happy ending with the boots. Found them on line on sale so I bought them.
      I had to smile with the wine thing, first impressions “WTH?” but I will look closer and check it thoroughly. Could be good.

  2. Of course tears were shed, how could you not after spending five years in a place? Well, appreciate the past, and cheers to new beginnings.
    A wine kit where you sniff things? I might make a wine appreciation kit that teaches wine wankers to appreciate how awesome it is to be drunk. The true appreciation of wine.

  3. Well at least the journey ended with a weekend pampering the likes of which a decadent Roman emperor would raise an eyebrow at.

    Sent the wine appreciation kit to me, I’m a pretentious prig. The wine spends more time in my mouth than it does in the bottle.

  4. My theory is that change keeps us on our toes. Otherwise, we become too complacent. I’ve been in your shoes too many times to mention with banks closing branches, banks being bought out, banks merging with others. Offices being moved to bigger/smaller locations. Just go with the flow and cherish these lovely memories and experiences that have made you stronger and a better writer in my opinion!! Love the photos and sounds like you had a great “me” day! Hugs and love my friend!

  5. I guess then that everybody thoughtlessly going their own way was a good thing. Next time, though, the Lord of the Manor should leave you enough wallet for indulgent footwear.

    1. Well the Boss would have been ok if I had splurged at the time, it was me being conservative I guess. paid off though in that I ended up saving $80 buying them elsewhere

  6. Well, that’s that :( Endings are sad, but I wish you all the best in your new location and hoping that your new team will be as great to work with as before.

  7. I like the look of those boots, but I wouldn’t buy them at that price either, it would be sad that your time at the post office has come to an end, I hope you like the next post office you get sent to

  8. What an emotional day. It is hard to say goodbye to people you have become fond of. Can’t wait to hear about the new adventures in the new post office. Knowing you, it won’t take long for the regulars to take a shine to you. :)

    The boots look just darling. I actually like them. I have no idea what I would wear them with..but I can SO SEE them ON YOU!

    I love how Adelaide is always busy. I wonder how long the robot is in town for??? I have just realised I haven’t been to the city in close to 3 years now! WOW I really don’t get out much.

    Awesome score on the free lunch. Looked good to me.

    Thinking for you this week as you transition over to the new place.


  9. Sad to see you leaving your office. Hopefully the next one is better. I’m always amused by the types of customers who ask you about it like you had anything to do with it. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, you think I wanted to leave?

    As a guy who loves fun shoes, I also hate that if I want to find any shoes that have a slight smattering of color or a design, they’re often hundreds of dollars. Sorry I don’t want to wear boring grey or black all the time…

    Also, if someone sent me a beer appreciation kit, and all I could do was smell it, I’d probably disown them.

  10. Well, sounds like you had a great Saturday. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, you deserve it.

    It’s sad to hear about your office closing, but it’s good that you’re all trying to put a positive spin on things. New experiences, new places. These can all be good things. Keep smiling! :)

  11. Well at least the journey ended with a weekend pampering the likes of which a decadent Roman emperor would raise an eyebrow at.

    Sent the wine appreciation kit to me, I’m a pretentious prig. The wine spends more time in my mouth than it does in the bottle.

  12. I can not believe that they closed your office. “Round here it literally takes an act of Congress. The flip side for us is that they are starting Sunday delivery of packages. Thankfully, I will not have to do the delivering, but the subs are not happy… let me tell ya.

  13. The fact that you gave yourself a great day was good, finding the boots you loved that day for a lower price was an added bonus! Doc Martins are always expensive over here.

    I totally understand all the feelings for your closed office. You had some good times there and also had some terrible times. I’m sure that better days are ahead for you…

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