Moving forward

There is a shiny coin on my desk,  an American quarter,  from Ohio.

I didn’t realise until recently, that there is a quarter from every state and now I am wondering just how many I might be able to find when I make that trip across the world next year.

Still planning and saving and although at times it seems like it will never happen, the coin is a solid reminder of my goal and so I will keep looking forward.

Friday saw the closure of the office I was helping out at, three weeks after my office closed, and although I had little emotional attachment to this place, it was still a soul sucking exercise trying to remain positive in an environment full of anger and negativity.

But it is now done, and new adventures await.

Today I get to go work in an office that I expect I will be spending a lot of time in from now on.  From what I have been told (and of course it is a little vague and likely to change) I will be moving between two main business hubs and covering leave and absences.

And I am looking forward to the variety.  Honestly.

Today starts new adventures.

No more art classes for now though.  Not forever hopefully and probably not at the school I just left (I might have spelled out some of my dissatisfaction in an email) but fingers crossed, remaining with my teacher and working at her studio Saturday mornings.

This hasn’t stopped me painting though, despite  still struggling to get out of this creative slump.

Of course, being hit with the cold from hell hasn’t helped my general motivation but I did manage to play a little on the weekend.

My cityscape is taking shape now.

2014-06-08 14.06.30

2014-06-09 09.12.06

2014-06-09 11.03.58

2014-06-09 11.04.18

And I saw a technique where you could effectively paint with oil pastels after dissolving them with turpentine.  Funky smell but a fun experiment. (painting isn’t wonderful, but as I said, an experiment with technique)

2014-06-09 10.17.03

Also I discovered Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

The brand is very new to this city.  Picked it up at the market (along with other yummy stuff) after heading in for a lovely breakfast with MJ

That stuff is seriously good…frightfully expensive but OMG wow.

Could very well be a new addiction..nope, have to be strong.

Need to keep saving.

Holidays cost a bundle and I reckon I can get my fix when I get there.

Shit, look at the time..better get this butt out of the chair and into my work clothes.

Can’t be late on the first day now.


Cheers  :)




28 thoughts on “Moving forward”

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better, and that you are looking forward to the new work adventures. I really wish you all the best happiness. ^_^

  2. I’m with Antisocial Patty, if you want to build a collection, I’d be happy to send you a few state quarters.
    Sorry that you had to endure another closure, that sounds emotionally and spiritually assaulting. Here’s hoping for stability and happiness where you’re stationed next.
    That mixing your paint with turpentine sounds brutal, like you’re trying to suffocate yourself. It would be like asking me to sit in a closet while I take my own shoes off after a long and active day at work. I’m saying my feet stink. In case you didn’t get the gist.
    It would be incredible if you did a tour of American bloggers. If so, I’d like to be on the list of tourist destinations.

    1. well I am hoping to get to Texas…and I would love to meet you.
      The turp thing wasn’t too bad,I didn’t play for long so I think I survived the smell.As for your feet, I am cringing as Big C also has the worst smelling feet ever…Perhaps that is why I coped with the turps

  3. My wife shares your love of Ben & Jerry’s… as well as your aversion to the price. Like Pickleope said. Hope you get some more stability with the new assignment.

    1. We have different pictures on dollar coins to commemorate occasions but they can get expensive to collect. The quarters are really interesting

  4. Oh… Ben and Jerry’s….. Cherry Garcia… If you knew me, you’d know how ironic it is that it’s my favorite flavor. If you come up short on your quarter search let me know… we have several sets.

    1. We have only tried the New York Super Fudge Chunk and that was pretty wonderful. I shall have to look for your Cherry Garcia next time :)

  5. Mmmmm….Ben & Jerry’s! (drools)
    I had no idea they’d gone international. Pricy here, too. The current cheapest price I can find is $3.50 (US dollars) a pint. And, as I have a dress to fit into for my sister-in-law’s wedding in 2 months, I will not be partaking in my guilty pleasure between now and then. My favorite flavor is the Karmel Sutra. :)

    1. The shelf price here is about $12 (Aus) a pint so definitely a guilty pleasure for me. My brother recommends the Couch Potato as pretty awesome too

  6. Sorry you had another soul sucking experience with a second office closure. :( Hopefully you enjoy your new adventures, though. Have you decided where the States you’ll be visiting? And Ben & Jerry’s – OMG, awesome stuff. :)

    1. First week was good, second week same place so expecting more of the same. Jury still out on the eventual destinations. Definitely Texas, and Vegas and probably Arizona. Also very tempted to pass through NYC. Too many choices and not enough time or money

  7. Ben and Jerry’s is so good!
    You are probably right about the variety being a good thing. It might also keep you from getting sucked into any drama at either place. I hope you make it over here sooner, rather than later.

    1. Looking like the trip will happen 2nd half of next year s I have to organise leave from work and they sort that once per year for everyone.
      I would so love to squeeze in some of the amazing desert places that you show me on your blog.
      I am also hoping that a stint on relief will give me a break from all the politics that I have had to deal with in the past

  8. A voice from the past…
    Never deny the guilty pleasures, life’s short.
    Saving is good… you’ve got a cause, and lots of great destinations.
    If your work is your passion you’ll never work a day in your life.
    And, keep painting, Moonlight Faerie is looking out in your direction.

    1. To be honest, my work is simply the way to pay for my passion (and my bills)although I enjoy the work, I am always more than happy to leave and come home.
      So very happy to see you again Jenny
      I have missed you a lot

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