Ice cream and smiles

This is one of those times when I am not quite sure how to start this post so bear with me if it all gets a little rambling.

It has been a weekend of surprises.  Wonderful surprises. And smiles.

Although apparently I made a friend cry.

Happy tears.  All because I am sending her a painting.

Which only reinforces that it is better for my art to be on the walls of people who really love it, than sitting in my studio gathering dust.

I told her that she was being “silly” but it made me smile to know that she was so happy.

I had thought I would be sending off another painting,  my “Paperboy”, but the person who showed interest, never replied back so I guess it stays with me until the right person comes along to claim it.

Still on the art thing, I am making slow progress on the cityscape.


Feels as rough as guts but I am not a photo-realistic painter anyway.  And I want it to be in my style.

Loads more to do still. Probably weeks still but the important thing is I am enjoying it.  It is a huge challenge but that is part of what art is to me.  It works my brain as well as my paintbrush.

Today MJ & I went to the local shopping mall for an ice-cream event.

Yes, we queued for Ben & Jerry’s.  (No I am not obsessed, really)
2014-06-15 12.05.56

Listened to the live music that was on the stage next to the ice-cream van and walked away with generous scoops of “Phish Food”.

Apart from the guy in the cow suit having photos taken with the kids, there was a man collecting coins for fauna rescue.

Of course, I grabbed out my wallet and dropped a gold coin in the bucket.

What happened then, made me the proudest mum ever.  MJ, without prompting, reached into his pocket and also threw coins into the collection tin.

So I have not only raised an ice-cream addict, I have a young man with a strong social conscience and a generous soul.

I am not sure I could ask for anything more.

We did some shopping, had some lunch and then I came home to paint.  It was a bit of a grey day and cold too, but the washing got done and now I have wine and the heater on.

As I said though, it was a weekend of happy surprises with emails and a lovely long catch up with a friend who I had lost contact with.

It made me so happy as I had truly missed her and now I hope we will again stay in regular touch.

The universe seems to be regaining some balance for me….

This feels a little like one of those posts with only vague direction, but I felt the need to come here and talk happy stuff.

I am looking forward to the new week.  Still working in the city and a shift that will actually have me home before dark.

There is an outing planned with the girls from art class tomorrow (Monday) night.   We are going to the Airport to see an art installation/exhibition by a local artist that taught one of my first lot of art classes.

Then we might have dinner in one of the airport bars.

Remind me to make sure not to carry my nail file in my bag as we will be going through security.

Certainly a different reason for going to the airport but it will be fun and not the first time I have gone there for a reason other than meeting or catching a flight.

Need to finish this up.  The boys will be hoping to be fed shortly.

Home made hamburgers with “the lot”.

Now that is something to smile about too.

(this photo might be a future painting, loving its composition)
2014-06-14 15.16.27


12 thoughts on “Ice cream and smiles”

  1. It’s good when the Universe rights itself and being happy is a consequence. :)
    Nothing wrong with an ice-cream addiction, in fact, there should be a meeting group wherein one gets to share stories of flavours and brands that stir the emotions. It’s all good!
    Happy painting!
    Happy day!

  2. Glad to see your weekend full of happy thoughts, Mynx. It’s been a tough spell recently, but who can say no to ice cream, wine, and home-made burgers?

  3. I am one of those people who like to drop a coin in a bucket when I see someone out raising money for this or that and I have always given my girls and now my grandchildren a coin to pop in the doggies head (guide dogs) when we pass one

  4. Is it too late to remind you about the nail file? I’m not sure what the time difference is like between our locations. I like how the cityscape looks so far. I’m glad that things are balancing out for you too.

  5. Good to hear about the happiness being spread around. I recently got back from a trip and accidentally carried a small Swiss Army Knife through security. They didn’t seem to mind. Apparently the size of the blade counts (don’t get any ideas, evil murderous types). But after a particularly harrowing trip back home, I will say, without any prompting, just a coincidence, that one of the things that made me smile was seeing your painting which I have on a built-in bookshelf prominently displayed in the middle of our house, that has traveled several states with me. Your art is the only original piece of art in my home, AND at my work. Thank you again for spreading your talent, it gives me joy regularly.

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