Udderly delightful

Congratulations Trish! You’ve scored yourself a fab fondue party for 4 thanks to our good friends Udder Delights

You can tell I still have the heart of a Gleek as I have had the “Fondue for Two” theme running through my head since this wonderful email popped into my inbox today.

Winner Winner chicken dinner…or cheese dinner. hehe

Cheezy grins all round   :D

OK enough gloating but it is so nice that good things are happening in my life and my laugh has returned.

Cooked pumpkin soup today.

I was procrastinating.   There was painting to be done and I couldn’t get motivated.

Stalked a couple of friends, did some loads of washing.  I can be really productive when avoiding what really needs to be done.

Been a good week. Monday’s airport jaunt was a pile of fun and if you follow me on Instagram, (tish2312) you would have seen a pic of us all, me in my fabulous new coat and cute boots, looking intently at the art.

Lots of laughs and just what I needed.   Going to miss those girls and the art classes with them.

I can’t go back though.  After a pile of indecision, I decided that I should get it all off my chest and write a letter of feedback to the school.

I said nice stuff.  And politely told them of what had concerned me while I had been a student.

The reply I received back was ..terse.  Perhaps even just a tad condescending and patronising.

Got told twice not to email back a reply to their reply as they were on holidays.


Don’t plan to contact them again.  Even after they return from their trip.

I’m done.

But as they say, sometimes when one door shuts, another opens and I was thrilled to be offered a place working with my teacher at her private classes  (apart from being employed to teach at the school, she takes small groups several times a week at her own studio).

So excited.

My recent issues with the classes were mostly caused by the management of the school and I adore my teacher so this is the best possible solution.

And the classes will be Saturday mornings which will be much easier to manage given that work is still a little erratic despite being a much happier environment.

Talking erratic, never thought I would be working past 6pm but Monday I am being introduced to the “Bulk Dock” and will be working there temporarily from 4-8pm while I am surplus to the office and the Bulk Dock needs staff.

Back to sorting and checking incoming  bulk mail  and wearing my steel caps. *sigh.

Still, something new and different and I am sure I will manage it especially as it is only a short-term thing and probably not more than a couple of days a week for the next couple of months.  (fingers crossed)

And I get most of the day off before…

Anyway, it is a job and helps pay for art classes and those art supplies which I did end up using this afternoon.

2014-06-22 15.22.24

2014-06-22 15.22.34

2014-06-22 15.22.40

2014-06-22 15.22.54
Still plenty more to do, this one is making me take my time but it is fun and I think it is starting to look ok.

Temperature feels like it is dropping and I need to bring the washing in.

Hope y’all have a great weekend

Hugs and smiles and painty fingers waving   :)


13 thoughts on “Udderly delightful”

  1. Sounds like a good path forward for your art classes. At least the bulk dock, as you say, is a happier environment. Though erratic, it sounds like positive changes. Good luck.

      1. By the way, it would be great if you emailed back. Based on how terse they were and emphasizing that they aren’t into feedback, you should really wait a week, maybe two, maybe a month, and email back with a cursory dismissal of their entire world view. Because you know it’s one lone jerk who thinks responding to complaints is beneath her/him and letting her/him think, for a time, that victory has been secured, only to shatter that delusion, would be satisfactory, even if the response was an angry missive you promptly ignored. A passive-aggressive, well-timed and well-worded response would be incredible. (Can you tell I hate little jerks who think it’s their job to put you, the customer, in their place?)

  2. Obviously the people running your former art school need to go through a “customer service, appreciation, and retention” class while on holiday. Class #1 should be, “I’m not the only game in town”.

    1. I think so. All very good to have beginners waiting in the wings but a good business tries hard to keep the existing ones as well.
      As you say though, there are options and I am done with them

  3. Onward, and upward…
    You’ll have a blast having one on one lessons and that school will regret how they handled things – people talk, and seems like they’re getting a reputation – and not a good one at that!

    Congrats on the fondue win – yum – makes me want to haul out my fondue and join the fun from a distance. :)

    Cityscape is shaping up beautifully – good job!

    1. Thank you for your kind words on the painting. It is taking me a while but i am enjoying the process with this one.
      As for the classes, well I suppose if I was a retired lady looking for a social outing, it wouldn’t matter so much what the term theme was but I only have a limited budget and if they are not (in my mind) giving me value for money then it is time to re-evaluate.
      Plus their “take it or leave it” attitude combined with the feeling of being treated like a child does nothing to make me feel like it is still a good fit for me

  4. So glad to hear work is HAPPY! Congrats on the winning. It is bloody freezing here atm. Soup , soup and more soup it is all I seem to be cooking too!

    I think you are growing and learning so much lately in your art. I think the more smaller group, and the the fact you feel more comfortable about this arrangement is going to be an exciting new step in the right direction.

  5. I like how the painting’s coming along. Cityscapes have always intrigued me. Having been in customer service, it doesn’t surprise me that you usually find management issues & poor handling of customer concerns often going hand-in-hand. It’s good you were able to get the best part of it (the teacher) & leave the rest.

    Congrats on the win!

  6. ‘Get it all off my chest’ indeed. *Smirk*

    Your letter sounds polite and constructive, not quite the gleeful project I’ve got lined up which involves writing a letter of complaint to an estate agent who repeatedly botched the moving day. Got it all planned out. I’ll write three drafts – formal on my best behaviour, full on me, and mixed. Then I’ll ask my brother for advice on which one to send and ignore him.

  7. Yep, sounds like your former school doesn’t want to retain students. Their loss, though! On the bright side, you learned from them, and maybe you’ll find something even better by moving on. I personally believe that one school can only teach a person so much. Onto bigger and better things!

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